How watching television impact children

Most of the children are known to be glued to the television for endless hours watching anything that can be good as well as bad. Though most of the program in television can be useful and educational but still few of them may not be appropriate of the kids. This article helps parents to understand the positive as well as the negative impact of watching television on children.

How watching television impact children

Haven't our elders been telling us from time to time about Anything excessive not being good. The same applies to excessive television watching which is not good for us too. So how about kids who prefer spending endless hours in front of the television every single day. Excessive watching of TV has a great impact on kids mentally as well as emotionally. The adverse effects of TV are very well known to us since a long time, yet we find many individuals glued to TV for endless hours. Nowadays the same has been observed in children who prefer sitting in front of TV and watching programs other than going out and playing outdoor sports. No doubt Television is a media which connects the kids to the outside world by means of educational programs, news, entertainment programs, information on wildlife and culture of our country as well as others. So Television overall has good as well as bad impact on children if we think about it. The impact is totally upon what they see and what they achieve or learn from it. Hence you could either call Television to be a boon or a blessing but then it could also be a curse for few depending upon its good or bad impact.

Television and its social aspects

Television is a big source entertainment for all of us. The aspects of television are known to have a great influence on our lives from the time it was invented. This is one media which has been watched and followed by all of us and the same is with kids. Most of the aspects of television have positive effects on our life but one can't underestimate the negative effects of television at the same time. But still none of us can ignore the fact the television is the main media and source for information and knowledge.

Positive aspects of watching television

- Watching television serves as an important source of information

- Watching television serves as an important source of knowledge.

- Watching television helps us to connect with the rest of the world.

- Watching television serves as a powerful tool for effective learning in children.

- Watching television helps the young ones to discover the realities of life.

- Watching television helps the young ones to understand complex terms and aspects of life in an easy manner with live examples.

- Watching television has known and proved time to time to inculcate creative aspects in children.

Negative aspects of watching television

- Watching television has known to teach kids things which are not relevant to their age group.

- Watching television has been expose kids to large amount of violence and crime.

- Watching television has been known as a source of inspiration for kids in terms of bad language and bad behavior.

- Watching television has been a source of information with related to carrying out crimes mostly by juveniles and younger kids.

- Watching television exposes the children to certain way of living life which may not be accepted or approved by the family as well as the society as a whole.

- Watching certain programs or cartoons have known to have serious effects on children where in children start treating it a reality and wish to have the same.
- Children are known to copy or imitate the same acts which are shown in various advertisements like the inappropriate fashion trends or buying particular brands or even eating chewing gums or such other things.

Excessive watching of television and its impact on children

Nowadays children are more into watching television and they have less interest in any other activity. More or less once a kid comes back from school the first thing he prefers doing is putting on a television before even removing his shoes or clothes. Nowadays kids prefer watching television even while having their meals, even while dressing up, even while going to sleep and hopefully they wished even when they studied! Recent study or research has shown that about 77% of kids prefer watching television other than playing out with children. This excessive watching of television has a serious impact on a child's brain and his body overall. The brain of such children who go for excessive television watching starts to react in a very manner so as to release Dopamine in high amounts which in a way reduces the neurotransmitter which otherwise is needed for other activities. Children are known to get either doped or totally hypnotized by television in such a way that for a limited time being the child may not relate himself with his own world and would prefer to stay in the imaginary world shown with the programs in television.

Television watching and health aspects in children

Excessive television watching is known to affect a child adversely not just physically but mentally to. As discussed above the brain of the child gets affected in a large manner so as to disturb the normal functioning of the brain. In addition to this excessive watching of television is also known to decrease the metabolic rate in many children. Television watching for long hours has also known to have sedentary effects on one's body. A child prefers to eat for long hours while watching television and also holds the capacity of eating more than normal and hence with more eating and sedentary lifestyle what seems to follow is obesity in children.

Television watching and crime rate in children

Due to over exposure to crime and violence on television the crime rate has overall increased in all countries. Though not every child prefers being a criminal after watching television but yet criminal tendencies are known to grow in many and this is been seen in many researches that have been carried out on juveniles in various studies.

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Author: Muhammed Shafeeque. P28 Jul 2011 Member Level: Silver   Points : 1

A special thanks for you to bring such a good subject in front of us.Now medias captured the world,
We know, children spend most of their time to watch TV, even to eat anything. Some people are agree with this habit, but I do not claim that children should watch TV that much. Because when we watch TV excess, it will cause negative effect more than positive.
Excess watching TV will lead for children to lower perfomance in their school. In addition watching TV a lot also make children become passive and have an unreal view about their life.

Author: Sangeeta Sanjay Chaubal29 Jul 2011 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

Yes Muhammed Shafeeque

You are right but in the present situations, we find children obsessed with TV and hence to keep them away from their favorite cartoon channels is unavoidable. Every parent has to come up with his or her own solution to tackle this problem and if they are successful, then they should post it here to help other parents too.

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