Free magic tricks learning websites for children

Aren't all kids excited with the idea of learning magic and to perform learned magic tricks in front of everyone like a magician? Allow your kids to embrace this passion and let them learn some interesting as well as easy magic tricks by visiting free magic learning websites for children. This article helps parents to learn more about free magic tricks learning websites for children.

Free magic tricks learning websites for children

Every child is delighted to see magic tricks performed by magicians during birthday parties or magic shows. Haven't you seen a child clapping happily when a magician takes out a bunny from his hat or even when a coin disappears from
magicians hand and appears in somebody else's pocket. Children are always excited about magic shows and wish to do the same. Very often we find kid wearing magician costumes, holding magic stick in their hand and chanting words like "Aabra ka daabra" to imitate a magician. How fun it would be for a child to learn magic tricks and perform in front of others. The kids who get to do so will be so excited and happy to learn such magic tricks. Not all but few of the magic tricks are really easy and any kid can perform them if they get to learn, such as magic tricks using cards or coins are very easy to learn. One has the option of buying out easy to learn magician kits which help kids as well as adults to learn magic tricks. But they are not very useful for children as it gets difficult to actually learn the tricks mentioned inside the kit. But nowadays one can find many websites that help children learn magic tricks and that too for free.

Here's a list of few such free magic tricks learning websites for children: is a website owned by Mr. Raynor who is the founder of Magic Learning Center. This website helps kids to learn magic tricks for free by helping them understand the tricks in easy way along with the principles behind that tricks. A child can also subscribe to their special editions where the magic tricks on taught on higher level. But for beginners and children of all age group the magic tricks including card magic and other magic tricks are taught free online and that too with simple and easy steps.

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Amazing Kids

Amazing Kids Magic is a website developed by a event management firm and holds several party ideas for events and birthday parties. The site provides special section of Free Magic Tricks where kids get to learn easy and interesting magic tricks which they can perform themselves in any event. The tricks that are taught on this site are stated in such a manner that kids can learn easily.

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Learn Magic

Learn Magic Tricks is one such site that offers tutorials for best known magic tricks for children. The site even provides video for easy learning of such magic tricks. Magic tricks that are taught on this site include street magic tricks, vanishes, card tricks, gimmicked magic tricks, magnetic magic tricks and more. The video tutorials provided for such magic tricks on this site are very helpful in proper learning of these tricks. A child within the adult supervision has to register in the site to learn magic tricks.

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Lay Hands provides excellent card magic tricks for kids of all age groups. The card tricks taught within this site are simple and easy to learn. A child of any age group can get on to learn and perform these self-working or mathematical card tricks mentioned on this site. The children definitely find this site very educational as well as fun-loving.

For more details visit is a free magic tricks learning website that provides several magic tricks for children. The magic tricks that are taught on this site include Card tricks, coin tricks, street magic tricks, illusions and much more. The magicians working on this site help children to learn the real secrets behind good magic tricks and thus make the concept understanding for children.

For more details visit helps kids to learn all about bar tricks and step by step guide to magic tricks. The magic tricks are taught by providing a video which helps in easy understanding for the magic tricks. Children from all age group can learn this magic tricks which are offered free and in form of videos.

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Free Magic Tricks 4

Freemagictricks4u is a website that helps kids of all age group to learn and perform magic tricks in easiest manner. The magic tricks that are taught on this site are fun filled and very easy to grasp. The best part about learning magic tricks from this site is that each magic trick including card tricks, street magic and even coin tricks are taught with pictures of each and every step so that the child gets to relate and understand better.

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Free Magic Tricks For

Free Magic Tricks for Kids is a website owned by Professional magician Lou who shares his experiences with kids along with tutorials of easy and free magic tricks. The magic tricks provided on this site are very easy to learn and child from any age group can manage learning these magic tricks and perform them very well.

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Indian allows children to learn about some amazing magic tricks in a very easy manner. The magic tricks that are taught on this site to children are absolutely free and simple yet interesting. Few magic tricks that are taught to children on this site include easy magic tricks like making a rabbit appear from silks or even simple magic tricks with cards.

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Magic Tricks Revealed For Kids

Magic Tricks Reveals for Kids is a site which makes learning magic tricks pure fun and entertaining. Kids help to understand the concepts of magic tricks in a better manner to help them learn quickly. Once the kids understand the concept and perform the magic tricks themselves they start learning the tricks. On this site magic trick including card tricks, magic tricks, street magic tricks are taught to children.

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Magic is very interestive art. The sucess of magic is depend on the presentation. It is the clamed art of manipulating aspects of relative either by supernatural means or through knowledge of occult laws unknown to science.

Author: Tasneem05 Aug 2011 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1


Thanks Sangeeta for giving us information about a few magic sites for kids.

Magical language and power is involved in each and every magic.Kids are quite interested in watching magic shows and tricks shown on television.They themselves want to try few of them. These sites will help them a lot.


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