How workload of the parents impact the child

In the today scenario income of the one person is not sufficient to earn better livelihood and other facilities of the life. So it becomes almost mandatory for both the parents to work for their healthy sustenance. But do you know that this increasing workload of the parents impact the child in many ways. In this article we are discussing about the impacts of the parents workload on kids.

Family is the first school of the child. It is a place where he learns the first lesson of his life and parents are the first teacher of the child who teaches him this lesson. But as we said earlier that in the contemporary world where the standards of living is very high parents have to do lots of work to maintain this higher standard of living and this increasing workload affect the child in many ways.

How workload of the parents impact the child

Increasing workload of the parents leave many negative impacts on kids some of them are as follows:

• Today where both husband and wife are working and people prefer to live in a nuclear family has made the parenting much more difficult. This increasing work load of the parents compels them to leave their kids in the day care centres or crèche. Sometimes they arrange the baby sitter for them at home but it can be turn into nightmare sometimes as you do not know how your kids are being treated by these centres or babysitters in your absences and this affect the mental and physical growth of the kids.

• Due to excessive work load parents become little frustrated and sometimes they pass this frustration to their kids without any reasons, this may prove to be an adjunct to the emotional surge within a child.

• Today parents have to spend long hours in the office and cannot spend more time with their kids to complement this lack of time they bring costly gifts for their kids like computer, video games, mobile phones etc these types of costly gifts cannot take your place in child life, these gifts can make them lazy and also encourage them towards some unsocial activities. Lack of attention can result in unhealthy food habits, kindling their fondness to television or computers causing them to backslide or feel ignored.

• Every child has lots of thing to share with the parents but unfortunately because of this increasing workload we do not have time to listen, this can make your child angry, aggressive, or physically ill as he feel completely ignored.

• Excessive work can make you stressed and when a parent allows this stress to affect them at home, it alters the parent-child relationship by affecting moods and energy levels.

• Increasing workload can make your child couch potatoes and they can get some unhealthy eating habits also.

• Mother is the best friend and guide for the kids but because of the workload stress she is not able to play this role in their child life, this can lead to many problems like lack of communication with kids, Children may feel neglected and seek stimulation outside the house which can be harmful sometimes.

From the overall discussion and points mentioned above we came to a conclusion that the increasing workload of parents definitely leaves impact on kids. It is the duty of parents to maintain the balance between increasing workload and their responsibilities towards their child. Remember Servants, day care centres, baby sitters, tutors can help in your child development but they cannot be responsible for the child's intellectual, social and emotional development.

So try to get some time for your kids from your busy schedule and enjoy their company, listen to them as they have so many things to say and believe me this will take off all your working stress and make you feel better and more energetic.


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