How watching movies impact children

Watching movies has known to have both positive as well as negative impact on a child’s mind as well on his overall development. Movies with social message or pure fun can be worth watching but movies with too much of violence and mean messages are of no good to children. This article helps parents to learn more about each different genre of movies and its impact on children.

How watching movies impact children

We as parents have always assumed social Medias like television, movies, entertainment and music as a tool of learning and interaction for our children. These entire mediums are no doubt highly influential and leave a big impact on our children. The way televisions are known to impact kids, in the similar manner watching movies too have its positive as well negative effect on children.

Recently in a survey that was been conducted on the American children between the age group 4 to 15 years, it was observed that there has been an overwhelming influence of such mentioned medias especially the movies on a child's overall development. The impact of movies on children within this age group has been affecting a child's health, well being and his mind. The affect of movies on each and every child differed in a way. This completely depended on the type of movies the child watched and how many hours he spent watching movies. Children are known to be glued to their screens either at home in front of the television for a movie channel or on their PCs, and even in theatres watching movies other than playing out or working out. Thus movies also have impact on a child's studies as most of the time is spent watching movies. However one can't just assume that all movies have bad impact on children. There are many such movies which have proved as a good example for the society.

Impact of Good movies on children

If any movie is good and exhibits learning message for the society, than it does have positive effect on a child's development! Such movies could be anything from the ones that try to highlight an event or try to open our eyes towards a situation which we are unaware of. Movies based on world wars or any social cause that has impact on the society try to provide us with good knowledge about the happenings. Educational movies or adventure movies too have a good impact on children. Movies such as Robin Hood, Jurassic park, Lion King, Ice Age, Jungle Book, Leo the Lion etc are really entertaining. Movies based on real life heroes, historical figures, World Saviors, movies on animals etc are really worth watching for kids as they provide good message and information. But then who wishes to watch such movies. Ask our children whether they would really watch a movie on World War, biographies or a movie on historical figure and see their reaction. "No ways!" Sure the children would prefer watching movies of other genre such as action movies, thrillers, romantic movies, horror movies etc other than the real life action movies.

Comedy movies and its impact on children

Comedy movies are more of fun and entertainment. Such movies serve as a relaxation or stress busters for people of all age group. Such movies shouldn't have any such bad impact on children. Comedy movies such as Tom and Jerry Tales, Mr. Bean, most of the Adam Sandler Movies such as Grown Ups etc are really worth watching. But comedy too has its levels, after a certain level comedy may become a satire or sarcasm. Even one more thing about comedy is the inclusion of inappropriate words or inappropriate verbal jokes which parents shouldn't allow children to watch. Any comedy movie which tries to teach about life with funny lessons is good along with those which purely include jokes and funny messages.

Romantic movies and its impact on children

Nowadays many cases are observed within school where a girl studying in 4th or even 3rd standard is capable of writing a love letter to some boy in her class. School teachers and authorities are really shocked with such incidents and wonder how this can be done by children of such young age. The height of this love letter is that the words included within these letters sound so mature for a child of such young age to write and even understand. No wonder why nowadays most of the schools put up CCTV's all around the corridor or even common rooms to observe what's going on in school. It is definitely not the fact that romantic movies are not worth watching, but parents need to check whether whatever is been shown in the movie is appropriate for your child or not?

Fairy tale movies and its impact on children

Children watching movies based on fairy tales often start relating to it and live in fantasy world. Every young girl is a Cinderella and waits for her Prince Charming even when she does not actually understand the concept really well. Fairy tale movies such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Princess and the Frog are known to have a great impact on children. But on the other hand one can't say that all the fairy tales are bad! It is just on the children to accept and adapt the way they wish to. Fairy Tales like Gulliver's travel, Black Beauty, Lion King, Pinocchio, Journey to the Center of the Earth etc do carry lot of fun, adventure and teachings for children.

Horror movies and its impact on children

Horror movies such as "Halloween", "Boogeyman", Friday The 13th" etc are known to have a deep impact on children. Why just children even adults are affected by the scary and unpleasant scenes in such horror movies, so how children would remain less affected? Such movies are known to give children nightmares, sleeping disorders and anxiety. Children are really bothered after watching a horror movie and in most cases start believing in the stories. Children are psychologically affected and even after parents assuring them about such things don't exist, they seem to believe in the scary characters of the movie. In many cases children are known to fall sick or even suffer severe health problems after watching such horror movies.

Action movies and its impact on children

Action movies are the favorites among people of all age group. Who would miss out a action movie if it has your favorite action hero showing some great stunts and action. But apart from the action, these movies also exhibit bad behavior, unhealthy habits, cruelty, violence and inappropriate words which may not do any good to your young one. Action heroes and villains are very often shown drinking, smoking and taking drugs. Children are known to imitate the style and behavior pattern of their favorite hero.

Nowadays children of young age group easily pick up the punch lines or dialogues of their favorite hero and speak confidently in front of others. Parents find it a very proud moment when their child narrates such dialogue in front of others, but if such thing is limited up to just saying in front of others than its okay. What if the child starts to do more than that? With violent movies children are exposed to some unwelcoming ideas including murders, abuse, suicides, arrogance, rudeness, and stealing, cruelty and doing mean things for accomplishing goals in life. Research has shown a sudden rise in the killings, abuse and arrogance from kids in school and college campuses and the research and relatively connected the medium of movies as the prime source.

Thus it is entirely on parents to observe on what and which movie their child should really watch depending upon its positive and negative effect on the child's mind.

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Author: Tasneem05 Aug 2011 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1


This article will really help all parents in a great way as even kids from young age get influenced to movies and they even know the names of actors and actresses.

Movies leave a strong impact on kids and they try to follow even the smallest things.Kids are more interested in watching movies rather than seeing cartoon and National Geographic channels.


Author: Sangeeta Sanjay Chaubal10 Aug 2011 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

Yes Tasneem

That is right. Nowadays kids don't like to watch any resourceful channels but prefer watching action movies or something similar which leaves a great impact on them. Hopefully we as parents can come with some solutions to create interest in children for something more informative and helpful for them in their studies as well for their overall development.

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