Maths worksheets for learning the various units of time

Everyone talks about the value of time that time is so precious so we should never waste our time and always use our time in good and useful things that will help us in future. The first lesson of time is taught to us in the beginning of the school. Here are some worksheets for the children that will help them to learn about various units of the time.

I have seen many children who don't know how to read the time on the clock even in the fifth standard. So to teach the children about the various units of the time e.g. how to read the time on the clock, how to add and subtract time, various times in a day, seven days of the week, twelve months of the year, various seasons in a year etc., Children like to work on big and interesting pictured worksheets as they grasp more through that and understand the big pictured thing more easily than small clock worksheets which consists of many clocks on the same page but small in size. I have prepared some worksheets that will help the children in learning the various units of time.

Some detailed information about these worksheets is given below:

1. Know the clock: It shows the basic components of a clock e.g. hour hand, minute hand and second hand and also their features. Some time conversion units are also given below:

1 Minutes = 60 Seconds
1 Hour = 60 Minutes
1 Day = 24 Hours
7 Days = 1 Week
4 Weeks= 1 Month
12 Months = 1 Year

2. Draw the hands in the clock: Time is usually written in the following format: HH:MM
Where, HH shows the location of Hour hand and MM shows the location of Minute hand in a clock.
Distance between each number in a clock is divided into five parts, where each part shows 1 minute each for minute hand.
And for hour hand distance between any two numbers in a clock shows one hour

3. Adding or subtracting time: If we want to add 2 hours in 2:30 (HH:MM) then add hours with hours and minutes with minutes, the new time becomes 4:30 draw the hands on the clock.
Subtract the time by the same procedure.
A blank clock worksheet is also given which you can use to give some more kind of questions to the kids.

4. Days of the week: This is a match making worksheet in which children have to match the day with its definition. The first one is done for example. Children should first learn/know the 7 days of the week.

5. Learn the seasons: although there are many seasons, but the main 4 seasons the children should know are winter, summer, rainy and autumn season. Spring is also one another season.

6. Times in a day: There are 24 hours in a day which are divided in various times.
Like from 1 AM to 12 noon- morning, 12 noon to 5 PM – afternoon, after this it is generally called evening and when its dark this is called Night.

7. Months of a year: In this worksheet the 12 months of a year are given but they are unarranged, children have to arrange them and write according to the series in which they occur.

These worksheets are printable. You can download them free in any number. I have also attached a blank sheet of clock in which you can write any time of your choice or you can use it in any other way.



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