Punishments or a reward - which is better for children

Do you thing punishment is the only way to teach your child good manners.Punishments or a reward which is better for children, is always a point of discussion among the parents as they do not understand that what will be good for their kids. In this article we try to find which is better option for children and up to which extent.

Now days we read lot of news that student commit suicide or try to harm themselves after getting punishment from school or parents. These types of news raise lots of questions that up to what extent giving the punishment is right or whether the punishment is the only way to teach discipline to our kids.

Today when the life is so stressful many of us do not have enough time to think that what will be better for kids Punishments or a reward. Sometimes we become so harsh with our kids that we forget that punishment is not an option to educate kids. Now the question raise again do we neglect all the misdeeds of our kids and do not do anything to make them correct.

I strongly feel that giving Reward is much better than giving punishments as punishment can make them more Obstinate or stubborn, it does not mean that ignore the misbehave of child completely instead of giving harsh punishment try to give the punishments that they are capable to do and even related to what they did.

How to reward the child for their good deeds

Giving reward will encourage your child to learn good behave and make him more discipline. It does not mean that each time you have to give him expensive rewards a loving gesture of yours will also work as a reward for your kid.

You can play a game of collecting stars with your kid for example make a list of the task or deeds which you expect from your child to do like packing of school bag, eating dinner on time, complete homework on time, behave like a good child, arrange the room neatly etc. and for each successful task give him or her a star, after every weakened count the number of stars and give the reward according to the age of child you can offer him a ice cream, visiting to his favorite restaurant, a toy etc anything which you can afford. This activity will encourage your child to be a good son or daughter for a whole week.

Praise your child for his good behave with the words like good, keep it up, excellent, you are my darling so or daughter this will motivate your child. Make them feel special in front of others also.

You can do lots of thing to reward your child as every child has different temperament and you know better your child than any other person in this world. So reward him according to his age and nature. But remember there is a difference between reward and bribe which we will discuss later.

As per the child psychologist it is good to ignore children's bad behavior and reward their good behavior. But as being a parent I know that this is the most difficult thing to do, sometimes the behavior of the child is so irritating that it is difficult to ignore in this situation it is best to remain calm and try to find the solutions which are more better than giving punishments.


Author: Rekha Mahesh09 Aug 2011 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

Ms. pooja.... Very nice article.... !

Good thinking....i too reward my child when she achieve some thing or even when she do some good works too !

good work dear....keep it up !

Author: Pooja10 Aug 2011 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Thanks Rekha

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