Good touch and bad touch - is it very important

Have you heard your daughter or son say mom/dad, uncle is pinching me or he is talking to me bad? If so, this article is for those parents, who have heard such words of cries from their kids about friends and family. It is better to pay heed to those words of your kids.

Today's kids face lots of danger in the soceity. When we hear the word danger, the immediate thought that comes to us is the danger that is caused by accidents and animals. But today's kids, both boys and girls are equally prone to danger from adults too. This kind of danger comes not just from strangers alone, but also from known adults who might be family friends or even at times relatives. Gone are the days when a kid might be harmed by a bearded or moustached men and hooded people. These people are quite decent in the eyes of the soceity and a few many of them are highly respected people too.

Danger that is associated with these adults:
These are adults who have no trouble with any one in law and in soceity. They are respected men and at times even women. These people are the reason for the 90% of the abuse especially sexual abuse a child faces. Many a times parents forget or simply brush away the talks of their kids about the activities that these known adults indulge into with their kids.

Kinds of dangers that todays kids face with strangers and adults
Sexual exploitation
Sexual abuse both verbally and physically
Online and virtual abuse

How to teach them to be safe enough?
It is the duty of every parent to teach their kids, both boys and girls about good and bad touch. Good and bad talks and also about the websites that are good for their kids.

What is good and bad touch?
Touches that makes a person feel good and warm can be considered as good touch. These touches comes normally from mother, father, grand parents and a few good people. But one have to understand even those adults who are trusted apart from family circle also misuse the trust given to them. So the kids have to be taught about good and bad touch mainly to understand the fact what is good and what is not good for them in particular.

Precautions to be taught to keep away from bad touch:
Children should be taught not to talk anything including their personal things to others except parents and primary care givers. (Parents should test a lot before appointing a primary care giver for their kids).

Kids should not allow anyone to record their voice or take a photograph of them, without their parent's consent.

Parents should never allow their kids to go out any where alone.

Kids should be taught to understand the roles and boundaries of adult relationships.

Teenagers should be made realize that online chatting friends, whose face is not seen or hidden behind a different image are also strangers and they need to be kept at a distance while discussing personal or family affairs. They should be made to understand that it is easy to lie and hide any one's identity online.

Parents should learn to listen to their kids and trust them too. Parents should be the first friends of their kids and they should be the shoulder to lean upon in need. Kids should not be afraid to talk about anything to their parents.

Be it young kids or teenagers, parents should know the friends of their kids. While going out, the kids need to inform their parents as to where they go (ofcourse the real truth).

Never ask for or never accept a ride from a stranger.

It is important for the parents to teach that there should be no sibling rivalry and each should help each other in terms of need.


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