How to improve communication skills in children

Effective communication skills go a long way to help your child achieve success. Parents should take efforts to help improve communication skills in their children which will help them to express and reveal their thoughts and ideas in a clear way. This article helps parents to learn more about communication skills and how to improve communication skills in children.

How to improve communication skills in children

Communication is known to be the most powerful tool which helps us to understand one another, their needs, their ideas and expression. By sending messages by means of signs or languages we communicate to each other and that is only how we get to makes our needs and our ideas clear and understandable to each other. Thus communication skills does not work as an essential criteria for just adults but it is also forms an important tool for kids as well. A child too need to express himself or herself very well in front of his parents, his teachers, his friends and overall in front of other people. A child with excellent communication skills has a better capability than the rest to discuss and debate on any academic projects or issues in front of his class as well as his teachers. The concept of expressing oneself clearly is what communication is all about and hence adorning excellent communication skills play an important role in child's overall development.

A child who has excellent communication skills walks on the path of success as he is able to express better and exchange his ideas well. But the same can't be said about those who don't have such excellent communication skills. Children with poor communication skills are known to stay back all the time as they can't communicate properly and thus can't achieve much success in their life. Their thoughts and their ideas are not clearly visible to others which may not work positively for their future. Hence parents need to learn more about how to improve communication skills in children for helping them to grow well in the society as well as for their overall development.

What is communication skills in children

To know what communication skill is, first we need to know what communication is. Communication is all about conveying information or message to the intended person by means of languages, signs, posture, gesture, facial expression and eye contact. Thus a communication skill in children is all about the ability to carry on communication which enables them to express themselves in much better manner.

Why does a child need to have good communication skills

A child needs to have good communication skills because:

- Good communication skills work as an invaluable assets.

- Good communication skills help the child to express himself better

- Good communication skills help the child to reveal his thoughts and feelings

- Good communication skills help the child to connect well with others.

- Good communication skills can help a child achieve success

- Good communication skills can help the child to grow with confidence.

- Good communication skills can help the child to have a better future

Types of communication skills in children

Few known types of communication skills include:
Interpersonal communication skills, where a child uses face to face or direct communication skill to express himself.

Intra-personal communication skills where a child communicates to himself or interprets certain thoughts, thinking or communicates with his own mind by ways of exchanging thoughts intra-personally either through meditation or even by writing down his own thoughts.

Non verbal communication skills wherein a child uses gestures, body language, facial expressions or even eye contact to communicate with others.

Basic communication skills that every child should know

Here are few basic communication skills every child needs to develop or learn:

1. The technique of communicating politely with others.

2. Communicating clearly and correctly.

3. Communicating without interrupting others and allowing others too to communicate.

4. Communicating well by responding to others.

5. Communicating well by paying attention to what others have to say.

6. Communicating without grammatical errors.

7. Communicating by being a good listener.

8. Communicating with use of manners and skills.

9. Communicating well with proper facial expressions and gestures.

10. Ending a conversation effectively or pleasantly without any use of arrogance

Parents are known to play a major role when it comes to developing or improving communication skills in their children. Let's know how:

Teaching communication skills to children right from their early age helps

Though it is never late to teach or improve communication skills in children, still if parents help their children to improve communication skills right from their child being a toddler then its helps a lot. Toddlers are known to grasp things easily and hence parents should help children to learn excellent communication skills right from an early age in a way of reading or talking to them.

Allow your child to complete what he wishes to say

Whenever your child plans to say something, never disturb him. Allow your child to finish his sentence and then respond, so that he will too learn the same and not interrupt others while speaking.

Teach your child the use of proper body language or gestures

Parents should teach their child to make use of proper expressions and gestures while communicating. For example ask your child to show that he has really liked the dish by making appropriate gestures along with his comment, "I really liked it". Help him to do that every now and then by which he will learn to use the facial expressions well. In the similar manner ask your child to maintain good eye contact while speaking to you or anyone else. Help your child to learn about the proper use of tone while talking to someone.

Speech Therapy to be used to improve communication skills

If your child has speech problems, then to improve your child's communication skills it is advisable to use Speech Therapy or as indicated by the specialists.

Be a good role model

If you wish your child to be a good listener, then you have to start first by listening to him patiently. If you wish your child to talk or communicate politely then first you may need to behave in a similar manner in front of your child. You child is going to imitate his parents, and hence parents need to have good communication skills so that their child to have them.

Rewards your child for good communication

Once a while it won't be wrong to reward a child for communicating well with your guests in a party or at a family get together! If you find your child behaving well with the guests in the party, maintaining eye contact, using proper manners and body language then appreciate his good work and reward him to encourage more such good communications from him.

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