Number Guessing Magic Trick for Small Kids

In this article I have discussed about the small but powerful magic technique. You can fool your friends by applying this magical trick. This magic trick is very easy to learn. This magical trick is based on basic maths operations like addition, subtraction e.t.c

What is the magic?

1. Tell one of your friend to think a number in his mind.

2. Tell him to add any number you like, and memorize the addition of these numbers.

3. Also tell him to add the same number which he memorized first in the whole addition.

4. Divide the total addition with 2.

5. Subtract the first number which he memorized in the starting.

6. Just tell him that the number left is half of your number which you gave him to add.

What you will need to perform this magic

This is a very simple magic what you all need is maths calculation.
A simple maths technique includes addition, subtraction, multiplication
and division. Some of these mathematical operation I will use in this small
magic trick for children.

What is the trick?

This is a simple mathematical operation. This trick can fool your friend.
Always the number left in the magical trick is half of the number which you gave to your friend to add.

Can you show an Example of simple magical trick

1. You are RAM and your friend name is suppose Ajay.

2. Ram told Ajay to think a number in his mind. ( Ajay number was 12)

3. Add same number to your guessed number, lets take it as you borowwed it from Shyam. (12+12=24)

4. Ram told Ajay add 4 number of mine to your total. ( 24+4=28)

5. Divide your total addition by 2. ( 28%2=14)

6. Return the number you borowwed from Shyam. ( 14-12=2)

7. Your number left in your mind is 2. (Wow you are a magician).

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