How to train your children to be a good leader?

Everyone wants their children to have the qualities to lead the society. Or in other words, leadership qualities. You can develop leadership qualities in your child just by following some simple steps. Here, in this article, I'll discuss some of those steps, through which you can develop leadership qualities in your child.

Our society always need a leader to lead us to a right direction, a leader to take correct decisions for us. Do you want your child to be a leader?? I'm sure you do. But the question is how can you do this?? How to develop leadership qualities?? And is it possible to develop leadership qualities?? Well, of course it is possible. Leaders are not born as leaders. If you ever read a biography of any leaders you'll find that most of them were very shy by nature in their childhood. However, some are leaders from childhood. So, leadership is a quality that can be cultivated in your child.

Meaning of leadership

Leadership is the process in which one individual leads and supports other people. In this, one person lead others to do things from ordinary to extraordinary. One person works as the role model for others, and motivate others. A leader shows the right direction to the society and let them decide what's good and what's bad for them. A leader help others to achieve success.

Importance of leadership

Leadership is necessary because: gives motivation,

2.initiates action,

3.provides confidence and guidance,

4.builds morale, and

5.creates work environment.

Qualities of a leader

First of all, you should know what are the qualities of a leader. Following are the qualities which a leader usually possess.

1.Good, creative thoughts.



4.Desirous to face challenges.

5.Ability to solve problems.

6.Ability to see new relationships.

7.Soft heart/Understanding nature.

8.Ability to tolerate ambiguity.

9.Motivates others.

10.Joyful and frank.

11.Good in communication.


13.Feeling of responsibility.

14.Positive thinking.

15.Ability to take fair decisions.

16.Always ready to help others.

17.Dedicated to work.


19.A good friend.


21.Cool minded and ability to control anger.



24.They are good listener.


How to cultivate leadership qualities in children??

1.To cultivate leadership qualities in children, first of all, teach them moral values. This will help them in realizing the value of people and the things available to them. This is how they'll be a good hearted and understanding person.

2.Always motivate them for group or solo participation(s). Let them involve in such activities they love to do. Praise them whether they win or lose. This will help in building up their confidence level. Tell them that they are awesome.

3.Now, whether they lose or win you should boost up their confidence, it's important, but you should always show them the ways to do the task in a better way, or in other words to improve themselves. Make the ways as simple and creative as you can. This will help them think in a creative way and will definitely make their performance better.

4.Tell them the value of integrity and tell them what good they can do for the society by integrating with other people. Look for the books which describes the value of integration and read those books for your child, if they are not old enough to read properly or let them read, if they can read.

5.Always help them in learning languages. Help them in reading and writing and help them in improving themselves. This will help in building up the communication skills. Read books for them and ask them to read books for you. Then ask questions and let them answer without your help. This will improve their listening power as well.

6.Teach them by setting examples. Children gets very much motivated when they hear or learn about a true incidence, especially of their own parents. So, always give examples of your own or some of your known persons or of famous personalities like freedom fighters.

7.Encourage them to express themselves, their feelings. This is very important. This will give them confidence and freedom to express their thoughts in front of a large population. This will help them to speak out what they feel.

8.Always consider peer pressure. What other people think about them matters them a lot. So, always tell them that these things are not something to bother much about. Tell them that they too are lovable and don't let them fall in such thoughts and thinking.

9.Introduce them to the nature; plants, animals, rivers etc. Teach them to take care of such natural resources and its value. This will evoke their love to nature. Moreover, viewing such beautiful scenes of greenery, animals and other natural sources is peace-giving, relaxing. So, this will also help their mind grow cold, tension- and anger-free.

10.Note down their abilities and introduce them as well to their qualities. Sometimes children don't realize what qualities they possess, so you only have to make them introduce with their own qualities. And always motivate them to participate and practice their hobbies.

11.Make them understand the value of education and help them in their studies. Make their base of education strong. If the basics are good then they'll never face any difficulty in studies at higher standards. This will help them interacting in class as well, which will improve their communication and increase confidence. Teach them by considering the surroundings, this will make their studies interesting. And if your child doesn't likes any subject then explain in simple words. For example, if your child doesn't likes history then first you read the chapter then explain the chapter by your own and ask questions and make them write the answers. This will help them in writing their answers in their own words and hence will build up the communication skills and confidence.

12.Make them play interactive games like building construction etc. This will build up their imagination and creative. Make them involve in games like martial arts, swimming etc. The end result of such games are leaders.

13.Make them take responsibility of their own actions. A bit of scolding is required to make them understand their mistake so that they'll avoid them in future. This is an important step to make them a responsible.

14.Right from childhood make them to listen. Prevent them shouting on you and getting angry. Teach them how to control their anger.

15.Make them believe in themselves. Use the words like "you can do it" and "you are very good at this" etc.

16.Always make them do the things/activities in a planned way. For example, make a proper schedule for studies, deciding how much time they should spend in each of the subjects.

17.Make them involved with the neighborhood children. Make them play together to develop team work. Give them tasks like collecting sticks, games etc.

18.Make them compromise for others, for the good of others. Make them love everything they get and teach them to help others.

19.Read them story books and let them imagine the scene. This is very creative and full of imaginations. So, you got the point what I want to say.

20.Make them small things to do by their own. Like, tying up their shoe lace, switching on and off the TV etc.

21.Let them think about the situations (in studies, games etc) and let them make their own conclusions. Make them think creatively.

22.Ask them to think positively. Teach them the lessons of positive thinking.

23.Make them participate in some social causes right from a very young age. For example, try to donate something (money, clothes, blood) and make them realize why it is important. Let them participate on the competitions conducted by such social cause groups, like painting competitions, essay writing competitions, slogan writing competitions etc. This will actually motivate them to lead the society for good cause.

I hope this was helpful. You should try to develop the leadership qualities in your child, after all, leaders are made not born.

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