How to Make Paper Craft - Paper Strawberry

Paper folding is an interesting form of a craft. In this post, you are going to learn how to make a Strawberry using paper. You will find step by step instructions of this craft work to make this beautiful strawberry. Read the instructions given below to learn how to make paper Strawberry in an easy and interesting manner. There is a full step by step video also provided at the end.

How to make Paper Strawberry

It is very easy to make the paper strawberry. All you need to do is follow the instructions given below carefully. Feel free to print the instructions for easy reference. There few attachments at the bottom which shows the step by step instructions to make this interesting paper craft for School students.

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Step by Step Instructions for making Paper Strawberry


Step1: Take red and green color paper and cut both the papers into equal squares with length and breadth 12cm. Paste them together in a way that it become the single sheet whose one side is of green color and other is red.


Step2: Fold it to form a triangular shape, keep the red color above


Step3: Fold it once again to get a smaller triangle as shown in the picture


Step4: Now try to made a square like shown in the picture by lifting the one corner of the triangle.


Step5: Repeater the step 4 on the back side as well.


Step6: Now the model will looks like this.


Step7: Lift the right side paper as shown in the picture.


Step8: Fold the side to form a cone shape.


Step9: Press on the center which will form a model like this.


Step10: Turn to the other sides and Repeat Step 7 to Step 9 to all other sides of the model.


Step11: This forms an image like this.


Step12: Now turn to the plain sides on the model as shown.


Step13: Fold the two corners on the plain side.


Step14: Now fold the little sharp middle part on it.


Step15: The model looks like this now.


Step16: Turn to the plain side of the model


Step17: Fold the two corners like shown


Step18: Now you will be seeing 8 top corners.


Step19: Pull out the larger green paper and make it look lifted up.


Step20: Now the model looks like this and you will see a small hole on the top. Blow air into it.


Step21: Your Paper Craft Strawberry is ready. Present it to your best friend and show how you care for them! And don't forget to invite them to StudyVillage.

Video for How to make Paper Strawberry

Watch the video to see how to make Strawberry paper craft for children and school students.

Watch our video at YouTube: How to make Paper Craft

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