Hundreds, tens and units in ice age

It is important to provide children the necessary opportunities in the early stage of their lives. Best solution is given here as Maths worksheets for children. Let them encourage to develop mental Maths skills with study village Maths worksheets. Included Penguins and reindeers Pictures make more fun to your child.

Maths worksheets are the best way to teach children Maths with fun. They can practise with writing and solving questions. In Maths children have to find possible solutions for the questions. This devlops their personality with mental skills .

Here you will get worksheets for number reading basic skills with hundred, tens and units. Which has skills of how to write the numbers in words. Place value of numbers. Expanded form of the numbers.

Read the numbers(2 Digit)
Say the names of two digit numbers.
Ex. 84- Eighty four

Read the numbers(3 Digit)
Say the names of two digit numbers.
Ex.312- Three hundred and twelve

Digit values
What is the place values of digits?
Ex. 347– The value of digit 3 is: 3 hundreds or 300
The value of digit 4 is: 4 tens or 40
The value of digit 7 is: 7 ones or 7

Underline Digit values
Write the value for underlined digits.

Expanded form of numbers
What is the expanded form and place value of the numbers?
Place value helps us determine the value of numbers.
If you have to write the expanded form of number 856.
The digit in the hundreds place is 8. its place value is 800.
The digit in the tens place is 5. its place value is 50.
The digit in the units place is 6. its place value is 6.
Hence,the expanded form of 856 is = 800+50+6

The place values of all digits of a number written as an addition is the expanded form of the number.


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