Great Activities for Parents and Kids to Learn and Have Fun Together

Most parents want to spend lot of time with their kids, but not sure what exactly they can do together. In this post, I will talk about various fun activities that parents can do together with the children, at the same time helping them learn while having fun.

Kids love spending time with their parents until they find that the only thing parents want to do with them is teaching! If you are a parent, you must agree with me on how important is spending quality time with children. Most parents like to spend time and have fun with the children, but often it does not work out well because the activities chosen by parent and child does not interest the other person.

When you chose an activity for the kids and parents together, keep the following in mind:

1. The activity should match the interests of the kid. There are lot of activities that match kids of any age.

2. The activity should not be too boring for the parent.

3. There should be enough fun in the activity and not just boring learning.

4. There should be some benefit from the activity instead of having only fun. There are many fun activities that can help in brain development, boosting memory, develop leadership skills etc. You can choose mix and match activities for each day so that it will help the overall development of the child.

Read my personal collection fun activities that I usually do with children:

3 word game - help children improve imagination, story telling and essay writing skills

The 3 word game is a popular family fun activity for kids of ages from 3 year to 12 years. Parents can play this game with the kids which will be lot of fun and help them learn as well at the same time.

How to play the 3 word game?
You need at least 2 people (1 parent and 1 or more children), but there is no limit on how many people can participate. It may become boring if there are too many participants.

The way you play this game is, one person will say 3 words. The next person has to tell a made up story using those 3 words.

You may have add your own rules according to the age of the children:

1. There should be minimum number of sentences, which is mutually agreed before the beginning of the game.

2. More than 1 of the given words cannot be repeated in the same sentence.

After the story is over, the person who said the story will get the chance to say another 3 words and some one else will make a story out of it. The game continues until everybody get a chance to make a story.

Play this 3 word game with your kids today and see how they will love it.

Another version of this game is, 3 word story writing game. In this version, 1 person will say the 3 words and all others will write a story in a piece of paper.

The memory game - help children improve their memory

This is another fun activity for children which help them improve their memory power. With adult supervision, children can play this game themselves or parents can also participate in this to make it more fun for kids.

How to play memory game?

One person in the group goes to a room and then spread few objects on a table or floor. The objects can include books, pen, pencil, cup, toys or anything else that are not dangerous for kids. Once all objects are arranged, all others in the group can come to the room and look at all items for 30 seconds. Then they all goes back to another room and should write down the name of all the items they saw in the room.

The person who remembered and wrote the most number of items will win the game.

After this, another person can take the turn of organizing a different set of items. The play can continue until everybody in the group gets a chance to arrange objects.

The beauty of this fun game is, it helps the children improve their memory power. Make it a regular fun activity in your week ends. You will see how this simple game can boost the memory power of kids.

Teach your kids how to link or relate the various items so that they can memorize them better. For example, consider some of the items in the list are scissors, paper, pencil, book, eraser, bag, mobile phone etc. Now, in order to memorize these items easily, kids can create a mental picture of a series of events: Open the bag, take a book out, cut out a paper using the scissors, draw a mobile phone in the paper using the pencil, use an eraser to erase some drawing. By creating a mental picture of the above series of events, child can memorize all the objects mentioned above. Teach this approach so that children can create a mental picture of series of events using any kind of objects they see. This approach will help them memorize school subjects as well.

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