How to Make Your Kid Study Sincerely

In this article you will get all the important thoughts what your kid will be thinking if you force them to do anything. I have also included how to make your kid study well and also what not to do with your kids.

How to make a kid study sincerely

There are lots of parents who are forcing their kids to study well.
Forcing a small kid regarding anything is always just a wastage of
time beacause they are too small to understand anything, teasing a
small kid
always will make them behave very strange to their own family.

Why parents force their small kids to study?

1. Most of the parents wanted that their children will be perfect in studies.

2. They want to make then engineers, doctors without knowing the capability of their own child.

3. They want to make their neighbours jealous.

4. They want to feel proud on their own kids.

5. They want to make a bright future for their kids.

What is the result of extra pressure on children by parents?

1. Child will lost their self confidence.

2. He/She will start feeling strange in their own home.

3.Child will become mentally disturbed due to extra study pressure.

4. Children will lost interest in creativity activities like playing, talking e.t.c

5. Sometimes they start thinking that die.

How to make a kid study sincerely

1. Let them free to read and write.

2. Talk to them as a friend.

3. Teach them subjects with creativity. Ctreativity study will make your kid superior and he/she will start taking interest in study.

4. Make a proper timetable and let them to adjust accordingly.

5. Don't force them to study all the time.

6. Play with them in your free time.

7. Talk about their full school day means what hapened in your school, how is your friends e.t.c

8. Motivate them to study well but never underestimate them.

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Author: K Mohan16 Oct 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

While every parent would be interested to impart good education to the child, it is the way of conducting brings in lots of change in the kid. Parents should not assert their rights being a controlling person and try to prevail on the child with coercive methods. Education is the constant learning and do not expect your child to learn hard things without training him to know the basics. For example first try to explain what is standing line, slanting line, sleeping line, open curve and close curve. All the alphabets are in the arrangements of above four basics to which a child has to learn everything and neatly. Now ask him to write letter A , surely he would say two slanting line and one small sleeping line. This way the child has made more interesting now to read and write and he would finish the work much to the satisfaction of parents and the teacher.

Author: Swati Sharma07 Nov 2020 Member Level: Silver   Points : 5

A nice article is given by the author. Some children learn by looking at something, while some children learn it by editing it themselves. So try to read your children's brains. Try to find out how your child learns things, try to make all the works inspiring so that your child learns the right thing by them. If your child needs to learn by editing the style tasks themselves, then you need to pay more attention to this. In such a situation, you should become a role model yourself and help the child in carrying out his / her tasks properly. Participate in the child's work and allow him to learn through his efforts. You can explain your child's interest by playing his / her participation in charts, models, etc. and can also explain the difficult subject in an accessible way.

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