Movie Name Guessing Game for All Ages

In this article I have written about the rules of the game i.e movie name guessing game. I have also included a brief example how to play this game with an ease to get maximum entertainment. If you are having any doubt regarding this game then you will get clear answer in this article.

Movie guessing game

Movie guessing game is a very interesting game among children of all ages.
In this game you have to guess a movie, it may be a hollywood movie or a
bollywood movie depending upon the interest of the players. You are free to use any regional movies in this game.
There is no limit of players in this game but the minimum requirement is of atleat 4 people means 2 people in one team and two in other.

Rules of the game : Movie guessing game

1. Atleast 4 player are needed for this game.

2. You are not allowed to talk while making your partner to guess the movie name.

3. Can be played indoor and outdoor.

4. Select the time limit of the each acting performed by the member of each team.

How to play movie guessing game.

Ley us take an example to make you better understand the game.

1. There is 2 teams( Team Tiger and Team Lion).
Member in Team Tiger are : Ajay and Vijay
Member in team Lion are : Anu and Ritu.

2. Ajay will start the game and go closer to Anu and told the name of the movie near her ears so
that both Vijay and Ritu will not hear what Ajay said( Suppose Ajay told movie Dhoom 2

3. Now Anu will start acting of the movie or She can told Ritu about the movie with the help of breaking
small sentences but Anu is not allowed to speak.

4. Anu can do almost all the things to tell Ritu about the name of the movie except ( Talking and writing).

5. If Anu will make Ritu understand the name of the movie within the given time then Anu and Ritu will
decide the movie name and told this name to Ajay without knowing Vijay. In this case Ajay will start doing acting to make Vijay understand the name of the movie.

6. If both the team guess the movie name correctly then both will be given 10 points. But if team
Lion not be able to guess the name of the movie then Team Tiger will win by 0-10.

7. You can make a target points and the team who will reach their first that will win.

If you are still having doubts regarding this game then write the problem below in the response box I will help you as soon as possible.

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Author: K Mohan13 Oct 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Children always like those activities or games which has the thinking power and has the challenging ability towards the opponent and this movie name guessing is something on that line. Nowadays the children are more connected with the movies and the heroes and they would remember the sequence and even names very well. Some children are so well versed with the jingle or the back ground score of the movie and they would right recall the movies. The author has shared a good article purely understanding a child mind and shared this play game. I wish more such articles are written for the children.

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