A Picnic day story of the little Vansh coloring pages for kids

Pictures in these worksheets tell one day picnic story of a little boy named – ‘VANSH’. The idea is to let the kids make a picnic story by looking different pictures on worksheets and arrange them in a sequence as per their story. Then color these beautiful images too.

A Picnic day story of the little Vansh coloring pages for kids

This is an effort to enhance story making capability of kids along with coloring pictures. First let the kids make their own stories on the base of different pictures on worksheets, thereafter compare following story with them and tell them the original story. Hope kids will enjoy this curricular activity.

There are only three characters in the story board – First one is Vansh (a little boy), second Riya (his elder sister) and a puppy. Kids can change characters' names as they like. Vansh and Riya decided to get up early in the morning for the coming day to go for a picnic in their nearby park. Further story's steps are given below sequentially as per pictures' captions.

1) Next day Vansh got up early in the morning.
2) He is nature lover so went to see his plants in their garden.
3) Then he took the bath.
4) After getting ready he pushed off to park with his sister Riya.
5) In park he enjoyed running after butterflies.
6) Riya enjoyed skipping. A puppy was sitting near them.
7) Riya purchased ice-creams. Vansh was enjoying ice-cream along with cricket. Little puppy was gazing at his ice-cream.
8) Suddenly puppy tried to snatch ice-cream from Vansh and ice-cream felt down. Now Vansh got very angry and ran after puppy to punish it but the puppy ran-away.
9) Vansh became sad after losing his ice-cream so Riya purchased a loly-pop to him.
10) Now Vansh was happy again. After some time both felt hungry so they came back to their home.
11) At home they washed their hands and had food.
12) Vansh went on the roof and flew the kite.
13) Now he was completely exhausted so, he went to his bed and fast asleep.

There are 13 worksheets in this story. Provide their printouts to kids and ask them to arrange them sequentially after making their story.


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