Simple Tips on How to Tackle Exams

Every student is involved in writing examinations which is a part of student's life. Students naturally tend to feel the stress and tension at the time of exams. This article deals with some simple tips for students to tackle the exam fear.

Exam fear in students

During exam time, when students think of examinations, they feel sick, depressed and suffer from several unpleasant conditions of the body like nausea, headache, sleeplessness, nervousness, tension and the like. And it creates several unpleasant circumstances to them when they think of examinations. No student likes exams and hence they experience anxiety and feel stressed at the time of exams. Their mind will be pre-occupied with negative thoughts and as a result they will lose confidence in themselves. And all such physical conditions prevent the students from doing their exam well and they will lose their ability to perform well in the exams.

Simple ways to tackle exams

• First of all take exams in a positive way / attitude
• Know the fact that examination is a way of testing your knowledge, ability and your understanding of the particular subject.
• Never ever feel exam as a punishment.
• Know the fact that exam is a step to move upwards / forward in your life, be it an annual exam or a board exam, an entrance exam or a competitive exam.
• Try to come out of the fear and try to let out your anxiety by talking to or discussing with your parents, teachers and friends wherever required.
• The best way to overcome is to keep discussing the chapters / lessons that you have learnt with your friends.
• Remember that knowledge sharing is is the best way of learning and remembering which helps you a lot in learning many new things as well.
• Try to inculcate positive thinking and have a positive approach about the forthcoming exam.
• Try to relax intermittently and keep refreshing your mind / brain when you feel tired of continuous reading.
• Engage yourself in interested activities like listening to music, going out for a walk or similar such activities for sometime to recharge the brain.
• Always try to gain self-confidence and have great belief in yourself at the same time don't give way to over-confidence.
• Try to have enough of sleep that your body needs.
• Always break the chapter/s or lesson/s into points and sub-points and keep learning these points for easy remembrance. This is an easy way of learning as well.
• Try to take healthy food and balanced food instead of depending too much on fast foods, soft drinks and avoid too much intake of tea or coffee as well. These are stress enhancers and hence increase the stress at the time of exams. Instead take fresh fruit / vegetable juices.
• Always try to avoid last minute reading. This will create unnecessary tension in the mind. So keep the mind cool on the exam day.
• Have a proper understanding of time management and try to manage time well.
• Have a proper planning of your studies, set a time-table for your studies well in advance and go according to it.
• Have a fair knowledge of the subject by understanding the concept of the subject as it will help in remembering the subject well instead of blindly learning the lessons by heart.
• Believe in God and have faith in Him. Pray God sincerely before you start writing and He is sure to help you.
• Try to do your best and leave the rest to God who is the Ultimate care-taker of all.
• Finally try to be sincere and honest in your work so that you can succeed in your exams.
• Understand the fact that sincere and dedicated work will surely get rewarded.
• Keep in mind that the Earth will stop revolving and rotating and the world will end in case you don't do well in the exam.
• Understand that fact that you are not going to lose everything in your life if you don't fair well in the exam.
• In a similar way don't ever feel ashamed of yourself in case you get less marks in a particular subject. Remember, it doesn't mean that neither you are poor in studies nor you are dullard.
• Understand the fact that there might be various reasons for not getting good marks in the exam, hence never be ashamed of yourself for your less marks. Instead take it in positive way. Think that this is a way of improving yourself and thus strengthening your knowledge. And so try to score better in the next exams.
• Last but not the least don't worry be happy.

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