Sudoku Mind Game Printable Sheets for Children

This article provides some of the printable mind game sheets that is confined and considered as the most harder level when compared to the other related games of this type as in solving this mind game, there has to be followed some set of rules that are relatively to be seen while along with the normal Sudoku game. The present sheets can be printed and the answers to them can be printed along back side for reference also.

Sudoku is the number game whose rules are known to every individual in these days but this is a special type of the similar game in which some extra rule has to be followed that makes these sheets to be little bit harder than the others. The rules that are to be followed in solving these paper games are mentioned in the upcoming paragraph.

Rule for solving the following Cross-Sudoku sheets,
1. There are 9 vertical and 9 horizontal rows that make a graph like structure of 9x9 sizes. In each grid, the numbers from 1 – 9 must be arranged such that there in no repetition.
2. There are 9 sets of further small 3x3 sub-grids available and they also need to be filled with the digits ranging from 1 – 9.
3. Along with this which is similar to 9x9 Sudoku, some extra rule that must be followed is that the diagonals of the large square must also be seen that they are filled with the numbers from 1 – 9.
4. Repetition of the numbers either in a row, in a column or in a sub-block should be done.

Among the harder level of Sudoku, to create some more interest among the people who solve them, they are intently given the number system based on their further hardness among themselves so that the solver of these puzzles would not get a feeling of weirdness and try to solve the others also as he would think in a manner to explore all the new answers also.

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