Vansh and Jakie - The kidnap story of little Vansh Coloring pages

New adventure of little Vansh who adopts a puppy named Jakie that plays an important role to escape Vansh from dangerous kidnappers. A complete story with coloring pages and a challenge for kids to arrange the worksheets in proper sequence to complete the story and bind them to keep this comic as their reward.

The image drawn on each worksheet is a part of this story and there are five main purposes of these coloring pages –

  • First to color each story image
  • Second to arrange pages in proper sequence, which can be found as per .jpg file names.
  • Third to complete the story in your own words.
  • Forth to bind this ready material to make your hand made comic.
  • Fifth one is for an investigation by kids to find some worksheets among all wherein Vansh dress has been changed unexpectedly in story. And its answer is as a hostage Vansh's dress has been changed from vest to shirt in two images.

  • This will definitely enhance the interest and story making capability of the kids. The actual storyline of the thirty eight worksheets is as below. Let your kid make his/her own story in their own language first based on captions and images on worksheets and later tell them the actual story to let them compare it with their one.
    1) First image shows poster image of Vansh and Jakie.
    2) One day little Vansh goes to market with his father and asks father to buy chips.
    3) In market a bully person injures a puppy with a stone. Puppy runs away with fear.
    4) Puppy reaches near to Vansh. Vansh gives chips to puppy.
    5) Vansh noticed the injury on puppy's leg. Vansh feels sorry to it.
    6) Vansh asks his father to carry it home. Father gets agreed.
    7) They bring it their home.
    8) At home puppy shows its affection to mother by licking her feet.
    9) Mother loved the puppy too. She named it JAKIE.
    10) Mother dressed on Jakie's injured leg.
    11) Vansh gave bath to Jakie.
    12) Riya, sister of Vansh comes back from school and happy to see the Jakie at home.
    13) Riya gave milk to Jakie.
    14) Tired Vansh and Jakie fast asleep. Now jakie is their family member.
    15) As a family member Jakie good buys Riya when she goes to school.
    16) Jakie follows the father up to the gate when he goes to his office.
    17) Jakie play with Vansh too.
    18) One day Vansh and Jakie went to Suraj kund park.
    19) They are doing jogging in the park.
    20) They are playing with ring.
    21) While returning some suspicious persons following them with a cloth in his hand.
    22) They put cloth over Vansh and kidnapped him. Jakie barking on kidnappers.
    23) Jakie followed the kidnapper's car.
    24) Jakie watching kidnappers taking Vansh into a go-down.
    25) Jakie runs back towards home.
    26) Kidnappers demanding ransom for releasing Vansh.
    27) Father informed kidnapping to police.
    28) Police van coming to Vansh's home.
    29) Father gave vansh's photograh to inspector.
    30) Mean the time Jakie enters the house.
    31) Jakie start pulling mother's saree to take them to Vansh.
    32) Police Inspector run after the Jakie.
    33) Police van follows the Jakie.
    34) Police reaches to Go-down and arrests the kidnappers.
    35) Now Vansh is free. He thanked to Jakie and both loved each other.
    36) Inspector patted the Jakie's back and praised it.
    37) Jakie and Vansh reached home. Mother embraced them.
    38) The happy family photo shows the end of the story.


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