Does schools kill the creativity of a child ?

This article is about some thoughts which came into my mind when I was searching for a right school for my child. The syllabus and education system I seen while trying to take admission for child really made me wonder "Will the school kill my baby's creativity?"

When I was searching for a right school for my child I felt more than helpless to see what my child has to undergo for next 15-16 years of schooling. The syllabus and education system I seen while comparing the schools to take admission for child really made me wonder "Will the school kill my baby's creativity?"

Holding the pen in "RIGHT" (?) Hand

In India, the super orthodox traditions suggest all the good things are done with right hand. Hence, it is obvious that a child is always forced to hold pen/pencil in right hand. What about the children with natural left hand inclination? They are turned into right handed forceably. And only if the child's parental support is positive towards child, the child can develop his/her own style of writing/drawing with left hand. If God has given her/him the ability to use left hand super effectively, then who are you to stop him do so?

Singing and Dancing

A sweet tune or cute step of dance could be taught to a child. But what if she is humming her own melody, what if he is moving his ankle in his own style. Singing and dancing is form of expression. Hence, teachers and parents should always remember that every human is different and so are the expressions. Teachers and parents should encourage the child to evolve and glow with his own luminescence.

Science / Maths / Language : Whats your choice baby ?

The subject inclination of the child is several times forced. Science and maths generally lead to a lucrative career. Hence, parents stress the child more about science and mathematics. Dear parents, if all pupils will become doctors and engineers, who will be the next "Shakespeare".

Guide your kid to a suitable career, Do not force a subject. Make aptitude test of the child in appropriate age for helping them select the subjects at school and college.

Drawing the expressions and Crafting the experience

Drawing and craft are favorite subjects of nearly every child, but over the period and while moving to higher grade, the child is forced to follow restricted styles and methods in the art. Result is : If 9 out of 10 kids are interested n drawing in KG class, only 1 out of 100 kids will be willing to take drawing in 10th grade/class. Creativity should be nourished with loosened rules and regulation to prevent this decay of creative attitude.

Wake up from the dream PLEASE.

Many parents tend to dream to realize their unfulfilled ambitions though their child. I request humbly, please wake up from your dream and let your baby fulfill her/his own dream. Isn't that more satisfactory to you?

Happy Parenting

All said and felt : I just wish that every parent treat the child as a individual human being and Not as their own property. Love, protect and guide your cutie-pie. Happy Parenting !

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