How to Develop Positive Thinking in Kids

All parents want their children to grow up as confident and positive attitude person in life. Positive affirmations are one of the simplest way of developing positive thinking in children of all age groups, provided it is used in right manner.

All parents want best of life for their kids. They want their kids to shine and have positive attitude towards life. However, very few parents really give their children the freedom and opportunity to learn to develop positive attitude in life. Mind skills like positive self talk, visualization techniques, affirmations, learning to release patterns of negative thinking etc are simple to learn, though need not to be taught.

Parents should help their children to improve their self talk for developing a positive mental attitude. It is very important way to maintain a healthy and positive self image.

The simplest and easiest way of helping children develop a positive mental attitude is using affirmations of positive statements. Children always love to hear good things about them. Along with it, there are so many fun activities that your whole family can enjoy and where the children can learn to be a better person in life.

Research has proved that repeating same type of positive statement or affirmations has only 10 % effect on the brain of children which is better than nothing but still not quite enough. Parents should be tactful in making affirmations and should try to make it more effective by adding more imagination and colours to it. Such creative affirmations are known to be 70% effective. The reason behind this is that when we use our creativity in making affirmations, the right side of brain starts processing information into pictures and not just in linear way. To be most effective, it is important to use both sides of brain equally.

The best technique to use affirmations is to regularly use them with vivid imagination. However be sure that the thing that is being affirmed is specific, positive and measurable. After this, just add success feeling with your positive affirmations and the result will be 100% success. To be more precise, it means that the brain starts assuming that what it is experiencing is true. Just stop and think about this and you will be able to trace many examples from your day to day life to prove the affects of positive affirmations. Even the advertisements that you watch on your television sets every day are mostly based on it. Even our phobias and fears are based on it.

The best thing about affirmations is that it is a simplest way of encouraging children and you can use it in whatever manner you want to use. You can use your imagination and use it in a fun way too. For an example, your daughter is trying to solve a mathematics problem, you can help her with the positive affirmation like 'My maths is getting better day by day and I can solve this problem too.'
You can use affirmations for any age group. It can be used in many creative ways to boost your child's self esteem for the whole day.

Some tips for that can help you in this regard are:

• Let the children draw or write their affirmations on a beautiful coloured card and paste it at some obvious place.
• Write one new affirmation every day and hide that in some place where your children may find it later in the day such as under their pillow or in their book or in their lunch box.
• Send positive affirmation as a text message on the mobile of your child, in case they are big enough to have a mobile.
• With the help of your child, try to make a rhyme or song based on positive affirmations.

There are so many ways, you can use affirmations. This way you can have fun as well as develop positive thinking in your children.

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