Child Labour is a Human Rights Issue in India and World Wide

The child labour in India and world wide is a human rights issue and the most of the parents never allow their children to get primary education. This article will give you the information about child labour in India and the parents, governments part in stopping the child labour in India. The various methods and action to be taken to prevent the child labors are also presented in this article.

The child labour is a human rights issue in world wide

The child labour is a human rights issue in world wide. It arises in all over the world by sending the children whose age is under 18 years to do works in various companies and industries. The world report told that there were 247 million child workers in the year 2007 in world wide. The child workers are belongs to the age in between 5 and 18 years old. The UNICEF is world health organization which ensure good health and better education facilities for the children in India and world wide. As per the report of UNICEF, there are totally 61 percentage of child labors in Asia, 32 percentage of child workers in Africa, 7 percentage of child workers in Latin America and only one percentage of workers in US, Canada, Europe.

The child labour problems and issues in India

The child labour problems and issues in India were happened for the past four decades. This is a very serious and problematic issue in India and the child labour population increases in India day to day by the parents who are sending their children to various jobs in Fire works, Carpentering and painting works, Construction works, Sweet shops, Automobile and electrical shops and many others. According to the report of government of India, there are 20 to 30 millions of child laborers in the country at present. It will reach 50 millions in the next few years. The Indian children are working for eight hours in a day in various companies and industries with small lunch break. They are getting tired easily and they are affected by both physically and mentally. The more child workers are in the northern states of India and especially in Orissa, Bihar, Gujarat and Jharkand. They are migrated to various states in India for the works and jobs. Most of them are involved in the construction field works. Many labour contractors in India hiring those child labors to various works in all over the country. This kind of persons never bother about the health and education of this children and they are working in money motive only and also they never consider the future of this children's life.

The various reasons and situations for arising child labors in India

There are many reasons for the child labour in India. The main reason for this child labor is poverty. The seventy five percentage of India people are living in the rural places and they are basically poor. There are some other reasons for this child workers given below.

1. The compulsory primary education scheme is not followed in many states of India properly. The absence of this scheme is a main reason for arising the child workers in India.

2. The poverty and huge population of the country is another reason for the child labors. In many family, the parents are forced to send their children to jobs due to meet the family commitments and requirements. In this case, the income from the children is mandatory to run the family smoothly.

3. The Illiteracy and ignorance of the parents is also a one reason for the child labour. This kind of parents never understand the importance of child education and their future life.

4. The adult underemployment and the job owners attractive announcements is another reason for the child labour.

5. The lack of planing and implementing polices and laws to stop the child workers by the government is also a cause for the child labour. There are many loop holes in the child labour laws.

The parents and government should stop the child labour in India

The future of the country and the community is in the children's hand. So, the parents should not allow the children to go to the jobs and works. The parents should know the importance of education and allow their children to get good education and better job in future. The both father and mother of a family should take care of their children life and make safe of their future.

The both state and central governments should take necessary steps to ensure the children health, welfare and their education. The government should implement strict laws to prevent the child labour in India. The compulsory primary education must be provided to the children which also stops the child labour.

The owners of the companies and industries also should take care while appointing the person to jobs. They should not allow the children under 18 years to work in their organization.

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