The basics, languages and software in computer systems

The computer is used today every place in the world. The children must have the basic knowledge about the computer. This resource gives fundamental concepts, basics and importance of computers. The languages, components and software used in computers are also stated in this article. This resource will be very useful to the children to know more about the computers and its fundamentals.

The basics and importance of computer systems

The computer is an Electro-mechanical equipment and it performs variety of functions and operations in terms of Input-Process-Output devices in our daily life. This computer is an essential device today and it is used in many areas like Houses, Corporate Offices, Automobile and electronic Shops, Leading Industries and various companies, Private and government Banks, Educational institutions, Railway reservations, Airspace and Defense Departments and other areas. The computers are also perform significant role in the field of communication. The facility of internet today makes the communication in world wide as very easy and in more flexible manner. There are many technologies emerged in the field of Information Technology today.

The components and devices of computer systems

The computer systems have number of devices that are integrated together to achieve a specific function. These devices of the computers are also known as hardware. This is a physical component of the computer system. These components are manufactured by the leading hardware vendors like Intel, Samsung, HP, Compaq and others.

Input and Output devices of the computer systems

The Input device is used to enter the data and information into the computer's processor memory area by the user. This device has been connected to the computer through proper interfaces. The examples for this devices are the mouse, Keyboard. The results of various events can be obtained by the device which is known as output devices. The example for the output devices are the display monitors and printers.

The Central Processing Unit of the computer systems

The Central Processing Unit is the heart of the computer systems and it is popularly known as CPU. The CPU performs all the arithmetic and logical operations in the computer system. The main memory unit, Arithmetic and logic unit and Control unit are the major components of the CPU.

The storage and retrieval of data and information are done in the memory unit. The arithmetic and logic unit is used to perform various operations related to arithmetic and logical functions. The control unit is used to coordinate the entire operations of the computer.

The various languages used in the Computer system executions

The computer languages are classified into three categories namely high level languages, Machine level languages and middle level languages. The high level languages are used to write the application programs by the programmers. The examples for this languages are COBOL, PASCAL and C. The machine level languages are computer understandable language which has the binary digits of zero and one. The assembly languages are the middle level languages and it is used to write the system programs by using mnemonic codes.

Types of software available in Computer systems

The software is the key component of the computer which is used to run the machine and get the results for various applications. The software belongs to two types namely system software and application software. This is a logical component of the computer system. The Microsoft corporation is a leading software developer in the world and they have developed many operating systems. The various versions of Windows operating system have been released by the Microsoft corporation. There are many software vendors available in world wide to develop various application software based on the user requirements.

System software of Computer systems

The system software is used to execute the hardware components and utilize all the resources of computer system. The best example for the system software is the Operating Systems.

Application software of Computer systems

The application software is the set of programs are written by the application programmer to a particular problem. The best examples for the application software are the accounting, financial and banking applications.


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