Super Foods: Foods that Improve the Memory of Kids

This article details the various food items that help to boost a child's memory during exams. Superfoods, which improve the child's learning abilities, help him/her to score good marks. This article tells which food to eat during exams and which to avoid during exams. It also gives the nutrition content in some food items.

Super foods are a recurrent term in the diaries of many educational experts. From early times, doctors and educated people claimed that there are some foods that boost the memory of a kid. These foods are expected to help the child study more and get good marks. Recently, many commercial companies have taken advantage of this belief. They are claiming that their respective products have the ability to help the kids score high marks. Such foods are generally called super foods according to the jargon of paediatricians. Are super foods a reality? Do such food items exist in reality? Read this article to know more.

Super foods: Myth or reality?

Many parents, teachers and educational experts wonder whether the commercial drinks and chemical mixes can actually boost the memory of the child. Marketers argue that their respective products can help the child to be the topper of his/her class. But doctors argue that such claims are mere shams. Any commercial food item does not possess the capacity to make the child actually study more. But parents are always in search of such a magic food – a Super-foods that can boost the memory of their child, especially during exam times. Are they a myth or a reality? The answer is reality. Yes, super foods do exist.

Foods that help learning ability and memory of kids

Super foods exist, but it may not be what you think. No commercial drinks or health mixes can get the kid more marks. But there are many natural food items that can improve the memory power of the kids. Such natural food items help them to be more energetic and to study more. They also help them to score higher marks in their exams. Above all, these natural food items help them to be healthy, lively and immune to many diseases that may obstruct their smooth learning. They are the real super foods. They help the child to remember more and refresh their tired brains during exam time.

Nuts and seeds
The power of nuts and seeds to improve the learning and thinking ability is proven. During exam time, the children have to work more, both physically and mentally. This creates a lot of pressure, stress and mental tension. Nutritious and refreshing foods like nuts and seeds help to maintain the energy level of the kids. Nuts and seeds help in improving memory power, analysing skills and thinking ability. It boosts and refreshes the brain. Some of the nutritious nuts and seeds that help to boost memory are:

  • Walnuts: Walnut contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 – two fatty acids. They are important for the building of brain cells. Brain cells are made of 70% fat. But human body never produces fat on its own. So nuts like Walnut can really refresh brain. Walnut also contains Vitamin E and Vitamin B 6 which helps to avoid depression, laziness etc.

  • Badam: Badam is another popular nut which helps to improve the memory of children. Badam is a rich source of Vitamin E and minerals like Magnesium. All this helps the kid to study well. If the child does not eat Badam as it is, you can grind it and mix it with milk.

  • Cashew Nuts: Just like Badam, Cashew nuts are also rich with Vitamin E and mineral like Magnesium. If the child does not like cashew nuts, you can roast it with some salt and chilli. Kids will love roasted nuts.

  • Ground nuts: Ground nuts are less popular compared to other nuts and seeds, but they are excellent source of many nutrients. Most children love roasted groundnuts. You can also give it by adding milk and sugar.

  • Fresh Fruits
    Fresh fruits can be given to children at any time, that too in different methods. You can give them as such, you can slice fresh fruits, and you can mix them as fruit salads. If the children show aversion to fresh fruits, add a little ice cream and make a fruit salad with cream! Even fruit haters will love it. Fruits contain a lot of anti-oxidants and many vitamins and minerals. Orange, Mosambi etc contain a lot of vitamin C which boosts immune system. Plantain fruit boosts the working of intestines. Pineapple contains the enzyme Bromilain which helps both the working of brain and digestion alike.

    Vegetables and Salad
    Vegetables also contain a lot of anti-oxidants like fresh fruits. But most children are picky eaters, and the last things they want on their plate are vegetables. There are some tricks to make the child eat vegetables. Make a salad with various colourful vegetables. Add salt and pepper. Sprinkle some mayonnaise or ketch-up to taste. Children will like them. You can also make them eat vegetables as a part of soups, curries etc. If nothing works, make a masala-vegetable mix, stuff them in rotis and deep fry the stuff.

    Carrot contains Beto carotene which refresh tired eyes and potassium, which boosts nervous system. Leafy vegetables provide a lot of iron and minerals like Vitamin A. Sweet potato contains carbohydrates, potassium, vitamin C, carotene etc. Broccoli is a rich source of carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. It improves the vision as well.

    Protein-rich food items
    Proteins are an inevitable factor of a child's diet, especially during exams. Protein helps in the production of amino acids and amino acids are necessary for the proper functioning of food items. There are a large number of food items which supplement amino acids and proteins. Protein rich foods include:
  • Milk and other milk products like cheese, butter, curd, paneer etc

  • Egg and egg products

  • Grains like wheat, barley, oats, ragi etc

  • Meat and meat products, especially chicken

  • If you give heavy food during the exams, the kid will be tired. So either give meat products as grilled food, soup etc or make sandwich.

    Water and Juices
    You must always make sure that children drink enough water. Especially in exam time, drinking water is important. Children may not drink water because they will find it difficult to use toilet always. But water content in brain is inevitable for the smooth functioning of neurotransmitters. Dehydration will cause reduced memory and concentration. Both fainting and extreme headache are symptoms of dehydration. Always equip the kid's bag with a bottle of fresh water. You can also make lemonade, orangeade or glucose water for your kid. After coming home, you can give them fruit juices.

    What type food to avoid during exams?

    Children usually prefer junk food like burger, wafers, noodles, salted mixture, chocolate, pizza, cola etc. None of them helps to improve the health of the child during exams. They do not add much energy to the child's metabolic system. They sometimes cause acidity and affects digestive system.

    During exam time, children should avoid tea, coffee, cola, chocolate etc. Children in higher classes sometimes use tea and coffee in excess amounts to deprive sleep during exams. But one should not drink more than one cup of coffee or tea. Caffeine is highly addictive and it will induce anger, restlessness, sleeplessness and headache among kids. Instead of coffee and tea, children can drink Horlicks, Bourn vita, hot chocolate, Soya vita etc. These health drinks do not improve the memory ability of the child, but they are a good substitute for addictive coffee and tea.

    Avoid fried food during exams. Also avoid stuffed food. They are not easy to digest. Eat light and healthy food like biscuit, rusc etc.

    All these are most nutritious and healthy foods that boost the energy level of the child in general. They help in immune system development, easy digestion etc. The child's brain will remain fresh and receptive. He/she can concentrate on the studies and remember more. Try this diet during you kid's next exam. All the best!


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