Magic Tricks for Kids – Magic Matchbox that Obeys Your Word!

This article explains an easy and stunning magic trick for kids. This magic trick is easy-to-perform and it will amaze the audience. This is not a harmful or dangerous magic trick. Children can perform this trick before the classmates and earn applause.

Magic Matchbox that obeys what you tell!

Do you want a magic trick to amaze your classmates? Here is an easy and yet stunning magic trick for you to perform. A magic matchbox that will obey what you say to it! Try this trick before your friends – you will become a superstar among them!

Magic matchbox: what happens on the stage

You show the audience a matchbox and tell them that this matchbox is your pet. It will obey what you tell it. If you ask it to fall to the ground with a particular side up, it will always do so. Ask any of your friends to come up and examine the matchbox. Let your friend to do this. After telling this, take the matchbox, and ask it to fall to the ground with its picture facing upward. Then throw the matchbox high to the air. It will fall as you asked it to do! Repeat the same magic 5 times. Each time, ask the matchbox to fall with a different side up. It will always obey you!

Things you need to perform the magic

You need the following objects to make this magic trick a success:
  1. 6 identical empty matchboxes

  2. 5 coins

  3. Some Sellotape or super glue

  4. A table which has an underside wooden plate

  5. A pencil

The trick behind the matchbox magic

What you need in this magic is fast and quick hand movements.

Before the magic starts, prepare five matchboxes out of the six ones we have kept. Take each matchbox and pull out the tray which contains the matches. Then paste some coins inside any of the sides of the matchbox using either glue or Sellotape. Make sure that the coin sticks to different sides in different matchbox. Also make sure that the coin is not visible from outside. Now carefully insert the tray back to the box without loosening the coin.

Now you have to remember one thing. When you stick coin to the inside of a particular face of matchbox, that side will always touch the ground because of the weight. This means that the opposite side will face the sky. If you pasted the coin to the inside of the front of the matchbox, then the matchbox will fall with the back side up. Remember this. And write with a pencil 'b' or 'f' slightly on top of the matchbox to indicate which side will face the sky.

Leave the sixth matchbox empty and plain.

Now we may move to the performance stage. You have to keep the five matchboxes in the space below the table. At first, when you ask your friend to examine the matchbox, give him the 6th box which does not contain coin. Once your friend gives it back and walks back, quickly put the matchbox below the table and grab first box with the coin. Look which side will face the sky after falling. Then ask the box to fall with that same side upwards. Then throw the box. It will obey for sure! Now quickly exchange it for another matchbox while talking dramatically. Audience will listen to your words and will not notice you changing the boxes. Repeat the same process five times. You did it!

Things to remember

  • Talk dramatically while changing the boxes. No one will notice it.

  • Do not let your friends try the matchbox. Tell them that it will listen to you only!

  • Don't repeat the act many times. Audience may notice the trick.

  • Never take the audience suggestion. For example, a friend may ask you to tell the box to fall with its front side up. Don't agree it. Your trick may be revealed!

  • All the best, little magicians! Be the star of your class with this little trick!

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