Flying Animals Coloring Pages

Hello kids! Have you ever thought of Flying Animals? Is not it a very bad joke? Well, but it's true! Really! Remember about the flying dragon, and yes that is not a story only! Kids, you will now be excited to know about the animals, isn't it? Well, there are some animals from reptiles to mammals (in every class), who can fly amazingly! You can call them as Representative Glider. Want to know more about them, see the Description below for details. Have fun!

Some animals have amazingly developed the power of parachuting. They have tried to con quire the air. From a height they jump and float in the air for some times and gradually come down! You can call this kind of flight by "Passive flight" or "Gliding".

Starting from fish up to the mammals has a representative glider! Want you to meet them?

If you have ever seen any one parachuting in real or on television or never seen before, it is sure that you are going to have a lot of fun knowing the flying animals without parachute!
Here you are going to meet :

The Indian flying Fish ( Cypsilurus ), An Amphibian i.e. a flying Frog, A flying Dragon i.e. Lizard, A flying Gecko, A flying Snake and A flying squirrel.

Meet all of them and know how nature creates such attractive and intelligent characters on Earth!

So download all the animals and color to surprise your friends! Best of Luck! :)


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