Fishes Coloring Pages

This article provides some coloring pages of different types of fishes and not only this there are also some interesting facts about Fishes for the knowledge of your kids. Provide these coloring worksheets to your child to learn with fun. Just ask your kid to color these pages of fishes and make them more beautiful.

Fishes Coloring Pages

There are 6 fish coloring pages attached to this article. Color them and make them more funny and beautiful. Besides this, some interesting facts about Fishes also provided for increasing knowledge of your child. Feel free to print the coloring pages.

Amazing facts about Fishes

Smallest fish - In 2005, the smallest fish was discovered in Indonesia that measured just 7.9mm long, making them the smallest known vertebrates.

Big Fish - The whale shark is probably the biggest fish in the world. Whale sharks are usually up to 12m long - though one caught off Thailand in 1919 was reckoned to be 18m long. Despite being enormous, these giant fishes eat only planktons. Plankton means tiny animals and plants that float in sea water. Basking sharks also eat plankton, but most other big fish are hunters.

Different types of fishes and their weights -
Whale shark - 21,000 kg
Basking shark - 14,515 Kg
Great white shark - 3,314 kg
Giant manta - 3,000 kg
Beluga - 2,072 kg
Sharptail mola - 2,000 kg
Ocean Sunfish - 2,000 kg
Greenland shark - 1,020 kg
Tiger shark - 939 kg
Great hammerhead shark - 844 kg
white Sturgeon - 816 kg

Danger in water - Most creatures living in the world's oceans and rivers are harmless to people, but there are a few that can be very dangerous if you are unlucky enough to encounter or provoke them. The tiny candiru fish lives in South American rivers and it can enter your body and kill you unless it is surgically removed.

Biggest creature in the sea - Whales are the biggest creatures in the sea which are mammals not fish. The blue whale is the largest creature that ever lived. The approx weight of an Blue whale is 130 tonnes and its length is 33.5m which means it can be as long as three buses.

Biggest marine mammals
Blue whale - 33.5 m long and its weight is 130 tonnes
Fin whale - 25.0 m long and its weight is 45 tonnes.
Right whale - 17.5 m long and its weight is 40 tonnes.
Sperm whale - 18.0 m long and its weight is 36 tonnes.
Grey whale - 14.0 m long and its weight is 32.7 tonnes.
Humpback whale - 15.0 m long and its weight is 26.5 tonnes.
Sei whale - 13.7 m long and its weight is 20 tonnes.
Baird's whale - 5.5 m long and its weight is 11 tonnes.


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