Games for Children: Spell Card Game

Here is a small and easy-to-play game for children which can be played easily. This is an educational game for kids. This game helps the kids to understand new words and spelling. This game thus improves vocabulary of little kids.

Spell Card Game - A cool word game for kids

Are you looking for a cool and fun game to play with your friends while recess? Here is an easy game for you to play in free time with your friends. Up to 5 children can play this game at one time. This will help you to learn many new words and become smart in your class. Yes, you can learn English easily through this game! Try it out.

Things needed to play Spell Card Game

What you need to play Spell Card Game is a set of playing cards with alphabets printed on it. If you don't have such cards, don't worry! You can make them yourselves.

Take some white paper and beautifully cut them into small pieces with the help of a scale. Please don't use any sharp instruments like scissors or knife. If you don't know how to cut papers, ask your mother or father to make them for you. Give 26 paper pieces to each of your friends and ask them to write each alphabet from A to Z in each paper piece. Your playing cards are ready!

How to play Spell Card Game: Rules and regulations

Find a place where all the children can sit together in a round. Now ask every friends to take out the cards they have brought. Ask each of your friends to sort vowel cards and consonant cards. The cards in which A, E, I, O and U are written are called vowel cards. The others are consonant cards. Now shuffle all the cards separately. Do not mix between the two type of cards.

Now let us move to the game. Ask a friend to take 3 cards out of the vowel group and three out of the consonant group. Then tell him/her to make a word with the cards he/she got. If they make the word within 1 minute, give them 10 points. If they makes it in 5 minutes, then give only 5 points. If the player makes a word, he must put back the cards he used to the pile. Make sure to place them below the other cards. If he has any unused cards, he can keep it with him for the next round. If he cannot make any words, then also he can keep the cards with him for the next round. After the first player finishes the game, the next player can do the same. Once all the players play one time each, the first round completes. In the second round, each player can again select 6 cards. If they have any cards left over from the last round, they can also use them to make the words.

Play the game for 10 rounds. After that, calculate the points. The player with the greatest number of points wins the game.

Tips to win the game

Ask you parents to buy you a small dictionary. Every day, learn some new words, their spelling and their meaning. If you know a lot of words with each letters, you can win the game easily.

With this game, you can impress your friends. You can also tell your parents that you are learning new words every day. Did you like this game? Then why wait? Try out this game today itself!

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