Count the Letters - An Educational Game for Kids

This article introduces a new game called 'Count the Letters'. This is an educational game which children can easily play with their friends and classmates. This game helps the child to learn English and Mathematics together.

Count the Letters - an educational game for children

Are you searching for a fun and cool game which will teach your child without them realising? You have come to the right place! Here is a new game which will help your child learn English and Mathematics through fun and leisure. This is a safe and easy game to teach your child. He/she will learn how to spell words through this game. He/she will also learn how to do easy mathematical sums through this game. So why wait? Check out this awesome game?

Note: If you are a child, ask your parent to read about the game. You may need his/her help in this game.

Count the Letters: Things needed for the game

All you need to play this game are some paper squares. You can make this yourself, just as you did in Spell Card Game. Take a paper and cut it into small pieces. Take 26 papers alike and write the alphabets from a to z. Also add a number in the corner. The number must be in right order. That is, you must write 1 with A, 2 with B, 3 with C... and 26 with Z. Make three or four sets of cards like this. You need one more thing for this little game: a pocket dictionary. Got it all? Now let us move to the game.

How to play Count the Letters?

A teacher or parent can become the supervisor in the game. First of all, ask all the children to be ready and alert. Then take the pocket dictionary and open any page. Find out a new word from the page. Say the word to the children. Ask the first child in the to make the word with the letters in their hand. Do not tell them the spelling. Once the child makes the word, ask him/her to find out his/her points by adding the numbers in the card. If the child does it correct, then give him/her the points. If the child makes the word correct and does the sum wrong, award him/her half the points. If the child does not make the word, give him zero points and explain the word to the class. Repeat this with the second child and go on in the same manner. Give 5 rounds to each children and end the game. The kid with the highest points wins.

Some tips to the teachers/parents

Please note the following points while you are being the supervisor of the game:
  1. Don't introduce children to very difficult words in the very beginning. Introduce smaller words and then proceed to longer words. If the kids feel that they can't make even one word, they will soon lose interest in the game.

  2. Give the words according to the age group. Give tougher words to older children and easy words to small kids.

  3. Please don't introduce the children to abusive/offensive words.

  4. While making words, also explain the meaning of the word.

  5. Give equally tough words to children. Giving 'atrocity' to one and 'milk' to another will be partial.

  6. Choose words that add up to almost similar amount. I mean, the last letters like Z, Y, X etc contain more points. Initial letters like A, B etc contain small points. Intermix these letters and make sure that one child does not get words that contains high-point letters only.

  7. Above all, use your reason!

Tips for children to win the game

  1. Learn some words in dictionary beforehand. You will know more words than others when the game happens.

  2. Once the teacher/parent explains a new word, note it down and learn it. It is likely that the same word may be repeated another day!

  3. Memorise that addition table once again - you don't need to lose half points!

Enjoy the game!

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