Magic Tricks for Children - Create Milk from Water!

This article contains a safe and easy magic trick for children to perform. In this magic, the magician turns a glass of water first into milk and then again into water. The magic looks complicated enough to be performed on a proper stage. At the same time, this magic act is very simple and even small children can perform the magic easily.

Are you in search of a magic trick to amaze your friends? Here is a simple and wonderful magic act which will help you to be the hero of your class room. This magic will look advanced when performed, but in fact it is very simple and easy to do. To know more about the milk magic, read on.

Things you need to perform the magic

  • A glass of water

  • Some lime (CaCO3)

  • A drinking straw

  • A handkerchief

  • How to perform the act
    First of all, the magician must tell the audience that he has the power to make milk from pure water and vice versa. Then the magician shows the audience a glass full of water. Then the magician may tell the audience that when he/she tries to drink the water, it will turn to milk. After saying so, the magician must take the straw and act like drinking the water. Amazingly, the water will turn to milk! Once the water turns into milk, the magician may cover it using a handkerchief. After a few moments of talking, the magician again tells the audience that he/she would like to drink water instead of milk. Saying so, the magician removes the handkerchief. To the wonder of audience, there will be water in the glass!

    Secret behind the magic
    The whole secret lies in the water held in the glass. Magician must prepare it beforehand. He/she may take some lime and dissolve it in water before the act begins. It is this mixture of lime and water which the magician must show the audience. When the magician is about to drink the water, he should blow air to it actually. The lime water will turn milky white in colour. Then the magician may cover it using a kerchief so that the audience does not see the reverse transformation. After a few moments, when the magician removes kerchief, water would have again turned transparent.

    How does it work? – the scientific principle

    Limestone is usually a chemical called Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3 ). It is dissolved in water. When magician blows to the glass, Carbon dioxide (CO2) enters the glass through his/her breath. When the two chemicals and water react, a milky white substance called Calcium Bicarbonate is formed. This looks like milky water. When the mixture is placed quiet for a few moments, reverse reaction takes place and the mixture turns transparent.

    A few things to remember
  • Don't let the audience check the mixture or taste the 'milk'.

  • Practice the magic many time so that you will know how much time you will have to wait till the mixture turns transparent

  • Talk without stopping till the mixture turns back. Unless the audience will ask you to show them the water before it is completely transformed.

  • Try out this magic!

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