Importance of food for kids

Who gives us energy for all the work of the body goes on smoothly? Food gives us energy for the different movements our body. The article is about importance of food and its constituents in our life. Article contains all information about how is food helpful to us. children will like to read about this science topic.

What do you do first thing early in the morning? Getting ready for school, correct? But before that you are used to drinking a glass of milk and obviously mom gives big Tiffin for your lunch time in school. But ever you think why are we eating food? What does the food give us? How is the food converted into energy? All answers are included in this article you will read ahead.

What is food?
Our food includes different kinds of vegetables, pulses, cereals, fruits and many other things. All food has the constituent inside. Cereals like jowar, bajra, rice contain starch. Leafy vegetables contain salts. Milk, meat, fish, eggs and pulses like moong, chana and peas contain proteins. Oil, ghee has fats. Water is also important part of our food.

Ways to prepare food
What would you like to eat raw carrot or spicy cooked food? Cooking makes food softer and tastier. Cooked food is easy to digest.But some food stuffs like fruits and vegetables like cucumbers, tomatoes are eaten raw. To overcook food may not have vitamins, as they get destroyed by over cooking. Another ways to prepare food are roasting, steaming and frying. Some other methods we are using that drying or salting to keep foodstuffs safe for a long time. Pickles are examples of packed or preserved food. Some foods are kept in airtight containers to preserve them for a long time. Ex.fruit juices and milk powder.

How does food help us?
We get power or energy from food. And we get it from different constituents of food.
The body gets heat and energy from starch.
Vitamins help our body to grow well.
Protein-rich foods help to repair the wear and tear of the body.
We get maximum energy from fats.
All constituents of food are necessary to keep our body working well and for ability to fight diseases. If we do not care for proper diet consists all constituents, our body is not properly nourished.
Water is a part of our food. Always drink good and clean water to away from diseases.

Do not waste food
To have a good health we must have safe water and fresh food. Do not ever spoil or waste food. Do not throw away food when you eat your tiffin in school.

So, eat fresh food, think smart and be a healthy, intelligent child!


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