The Story of Wise Little Mouse coloring pages for kids

In this article, we have provided coloring pages for 'The story of A Wise Little Mouse'. There are total ten coloring pages that have been attached with this article. Feel free to get their printouts. This moral of the story is 'value of time' which can be taught to kids through these coloring pages.

The Wise Little Mouse coloring pages for kids

Picture 1 - Vijay was a little boy who did not like to wake up in the morning. His mother found it very hard to get him out of the bed. In school days, his mother usually worried about how Vijay would get ready for his school.

Picture 2 - He would take his breakfast in a hurry. Most often, Vijay would go to school with some of his breakfast left on the breakfast table.

Picture 3 - His mother would say, "Vijay, how will you reach to your school, on time?" But Vijay would snatch his school bag and rush-off to catch his school-bus.

Picture 4 - One morning little Vijay did not wake up. His mother tapped on his bedroom door and called, "Vijay, it is time to get up." But he did not wake up.

Picture 5 - His father called out loudly, "Time to roll out of bed, my son." Yet Vijay did not get up.

Picture 6 - Then his brother yelled out, "Wake up lazy bones." But Vijay continued to sleep. His sister called out lovingly, "Vijay, it is time for breakfast." But Vijay did not wake up, even now. As, it was the time to of breakfast, so Vijay's father, mother, brother and sister, all sat down for breakfast, without Vijay.

Picture 7 - Meanwhile, their pet kitten strolled into Vijay's bedroom and cried, "Meow, Meow". Frisky their Puppy, pushed open the bedroom door, and bounced onto Vijay's bed and licked his face.

Picture 8 - The Parrot from his cage screeched out loudly, "Wake up my little boy, it is high time to go to school". But in spite of all these noises, Vijay continued sleeping.

Picture 9 - When everyone got quiet, there came a wise mouse right into Vijay's bed, on to his pillow and whispered in his ear: "Good morning, little boy." Vijay's eyes popped wide open. Then the wise mouse whispered a secret into Vijay's ear.

Picture 10 - Vijay got up and yawned. He got out of the bed, washed his face and dressed fast. Then he ran down for breakfast, shouting: "Guess who woke me up? A wise little mouse who told me a secret."

"He told me that if I knew the value of time I would not waste my time in bed."

His word put the smile at all family member faces. Vijay promised them, "From now onwards, I will always wake up on time".

The wise little mouse had taught him a good lesson.

Parents can download and print these ten coloring pages, attached to this article and provide their kids for coloring and also ask them to write a story from these pictures and if they are unable to do so then they can tell them this story, picture wise.

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