How to Disappear a Coin- Magic Trick for Kids

In this article I would like to introduce the trick behind the magic called how to disappear a coin. This is very interesting magic but trick is very simple. So Children read the whole article and show this magic to your friends and family.

Many of us saw that a magician rub a coin on his elbow and make a coin disappear. Now let me tell you how he does, first of all he asks for a coin from the audience. Just to make them sure that coin is not fake. Then he took the coin and starts rubbing it on his elbow, and drops the coin once. Then he put the coin up and again starts rubbing it on his elbow. Now second time he again drop the coin. To show that the trick is not so easy and now he again put the coin and rubbing it on his elbow, this time guess what the coin is vanish, and everybody get impressed, and the magician got a lot of compliment from the audience. But no one knows that what magician has done to disappear it.

Trick behind the magic How to disappear a coin

Let me tell you that how magician disappear the coin. For this trick you have to a lot of practice, so that you become expert and no one caught you on the main stage. First of all put your left hand in such a way that fingers of your hand touches your left shoulder. Now take the coin and rub it on upper part of your left elbow by the right hand, and knowingly drop it so the audience think that coin is dropped unknowingly. Pick up the coin very comfortably so that no one can notice on your pick, And while picking the coin put your left hand on
your right hand and pick it by your right hand. Now second time again put your hand in such a way that tip of left hand touches the left shoulder. This time again rub the coin on the same place where you rub it previously, And drop it so that again it should be look like it is happened unknowingly.
Now this time pick the coin by your left hand and put the right hand on the left hand, without come to the notice of the audience so that everybody will think that this time also you pick up the coin by your right hand, now holding the coin in the left hand again put your hand in the rubbing position. Rub your right hand on the upper part of the elbow without holding the coin while everybody thinks that coin is still in your right hand. This time rub your right hand for 5-10 sec, while doing this put the coin from left hand to the shirt very smartly. Now show you're both the hand to the audience as they think that you really disappeared the coin and as a reward you get a lot of claps and compliment.

Things to be remember
1. While doing this trick you have to talk to the audience so that they get distract from the magic and it will become easy for you to perform the trick.
2. While doing this you have to drop the coin at least two times so that nobody will get the chance to think that in this magic there is a trick.
3. Your each and every move should be very much clear and smooth.
4. Always ask the coin from someone else don't bring the coin from your own.
5. As we all know that practice makes the men perfect, and this trick needs a lot of practice before going to the main stage.
6. Always make you to look fresh and confidence. So that everybody will have interest to watch you. Friends I hope you learn from this and please write your views about this article.


Author: Umesh Chandra Bhatt02 May 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Very simple but interesting trick and one can do it after some practice. Magic tricks are a great source of amusement in our lives and are liked by everyone especially the children. I have some interest in the magic tricks and I found this one here. It has been explained in a very precise terms. Good one.

Author: K Mohan20 May 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

The author made a nice attempt to have a magic trick as to how to disappear the coin in front of the children audience and the kids love to see such shows in rapt attention. The essence of this magic is to engage the audience and then do the tricks not known to them. But the children are very shrewd than the elders as they watch every move of the magic performer and therefore it is better to have precautions and should not fumble before the little audience. Once the trick is successful, the author can suggest further improvement to the present one as the demand from the small children would continue and growing.

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