Learn German by learning "Personal Pronouns"

Hi, kids! All of us use some personal pronouns while talking to anyone, isn't it? May it be in English, Bengali, Punjabi, Hindi etc. We use those personal pronouns in our mother tongue too! In fact we all use the personal pronouns in place of nouns like any name, place, things i.e the naming words. So, we are going to learn about the personal pronouns in German language, in this resource! And you are going to have a lot of fun learning!

We use personal pronouns in our sentences, when we talk to any one, may it be formal or informal. If we talk about English language, there we find pronouns like - "I", "You", "He", "She", "They", "We", "It" etc., isn't it?

Similarly, in German language, also, we find those personal pronouns, but the difference is the pronunciation! And nothing else! And believe me those are very easy to remember!

Like, we use "I" in English, when we want to talk something about or in relation to us. But do you know how do we say it in German language? It's very easy, the Germans say it "Ich" ( both in formal and informal / personal way) and they spell it as :
Ich = eeh(I) say(c) haa(h) = (the pronunciation is EESH / EEKH).

So, what about other pronouns? Well, you'll find the worksheets attached to this resource of personal pronounce! You are welcome to download and feel free printout as many copies as you want! And try to use these words in your sentences, have fun learning the beautiful language German!

P.S.: This is going to help us in many ways to learn the verb conjugation effectively! So, try to learn these 10 personal pronouns by heart, so that you can learn the language in far better way and use practically! :)

Best of LUCK! :)


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