Noddy Cartoon Coloring Pages

In this article I have attached some printable coloring pages of the famous cartoon character Noddy. Noddy is very famous cartoon among small kids. Kids like Noddy and his little taxi. I am sure children will like coloring these coloring pages as they like watching it on T.V.

Noddy is a wooden boy who lives in toyland. He also runs a taxi. Noddy is very kind and honest, but he usually gets in trouble because of his innocent nature or because of someone other mischieves(usually done by naughty goblins Sly and Gobbo). Noddy has many friends like are Big Ears, Bumpy Dog, Tessie Bear, and the Tubby Bears. Tessie is a gentle hearted, gold bear. There is also a police man who takes care of the toyland's security. Noddy likes Mr. Plod and frequently goes out of his way to help him. Mr. Plod often stops the misconducts and catches trouble makers on his police bicycle, by blowing his whistle. In these coloring pages I have tried including most of the characters in the cartoon. Some of them are given below:

Noddy: The title character, a wooden boy who lives in toyland.
Big Ears: A wise old white-bearded gnome.
Tessie Bear: Noddy's best friend.
Sly and Gobbo: Goblins who are very mischievous.
Mr. Plod:Toyland's sole police officer.
Mr. Sparks: Toyland's mechanic, fix-it man.
Miss Harriet the Pink Cat: She owns Toy Town's ice cream shop.
Dinah Doll: A toy plastic doll, the Toy Town shopkeeper.
Master Tubby Bear: A stuffed teddy bear, is one of the more mischievous residents of Toyland.
Martha Monkey: A monkey doll whose personality makes her a bit of an outcast in Toyland.
Mr. Jumbo: A friendly stuffed elephant.
Clockwork Mouse: A wind-up toy mouse, Mr. Jumbo's best friend.
Mr. Wobblyman: wobbles and tips wherever he goes, he has a ball where his legs should be.
The Skittles: A family of bowling-pin-like toys who love nothing more than to be knocked over.
Harvey and Cecilia: Two beetles who are often overlooked because of their small size and can normally be seen trying to cross the road.
Tiny Ball: One of a large family of Bouncing Balls whose energetic bounces really make a big impression whenever they come to Toy Town.
Noddy's car: The Toy Town taxi.

So color these coloring pages with your favorite colors and have a great time in vacations.

Some other cartoon coloring pages:


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