Ocean Animal Coloring pages for kids

Hello kids, Want to colour some ocean animals? Here we have lots of ocean animal colouring pages. Whale, the biggest water animal, shark with its sharp teeth, fishes, octopus and many more to colour. So, learn name and fun facts about the ocean animals, draw them and finally colour them.

In this article, I have mentioned about ocean animal colouring pages. We will learn the name and few facts about different animals found in sea or ocean.

Amazing facts about Ocean Animals

Do you know, Blue whale is the largest known mammal, sharks have most powerful jaws in the world, seahorses are fishes but they called seahorse because of their shape of head.

Want to learn more about them? Common kids lets visit the big ocean world. Here we have 19 ocean animals like whale, shark, fishes, seal, tortoise, octopus, starfish, jellyfish and many other colouring pages to colour.

Crab - Crabs has no bones, crabs can move their eyes in any direction.

Dolphin - Dolphins are very intelligent, they could jump as high as 6 meters. The largest dolphin is the killer whale.

Eel - EEL are very long about 6 to 8 ft ,and looks like snake and can swim forwards and backwards. Eel has very sharp teeth.

Fish - Fishes are on this earth more than 450 million years ago. Their sizes varies from less than 1 centimetre to 50 feet in length. Fishes are found in many different colours, sizes and shapes.

Jellyfish - Jellyfish is not a fish, they do not have brain, and looks like little umbrellas.

Lobster - Lobsters are blue blooded. It has hard skeleton outside, not inside. It may live up to 50 years.

Octopus - It has eight arms, lives near rocks and cave. They are very shy animals.

Seahorse – Seahorse is a fish but named “seahorse” because of their shape of head.

Seal - Seal lived in ocean but breathe in air. They are marine mammals.

Seashell - seashells are available in many different shapes, textures,sizes and colours. They are very beautiful, sometime used for making jewellery.

Shark - Shark has most powerful jaws in the world

Snail – Snail love dark and dump place. They can't hear. Snails are vegetarians.

Starfish – Mostly starfish has five arms and can grow whole new body from just one arm. They are called starfish because of their shape.

Stingray - Stingrays are flat and wide fish. They do not have bones, cartilage supports their body instead of bone.

Tortoise - Tortoise are of cold blooded and has hard shell that protects them. They existed more than 250 million years. Tortoise moves very slowly.

Whale - The biggest know water animal

I hope you learn some very amazing facts about the ocean animals now its time to color these amazing ocean animals. So go ahead and print our below mentioned Ocean animal coloring pages and have fun.


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