Moral Story The elephant and the rabbit

This is the moral story about a elephant and a rabbit. Once a baby elephant was trapped by the villagers. Her mother was very upset, but with the help of the rabbit, she got back her baby. Common children, lets read the full story, and know, how the elephant save her baby. In this story, we learn that, wisdom wins over the strength.

The elephant and the rabbit

Once upon a time, there was a big forest. Many animals like tiger, lion, wild cat, rabbit, monkey, deer, bear, elephant, giraffe, zebra were staying in that jungle. There were lots of birds, reptiles and other living beings were staying in that forest.

One day, the rabbit was going through her way, and saw one elephant was crying.
Rabbit asked the elephant, "What happen? Why are you crying??"
Elephant did not reply her. So, rabbit repeat her question for two times more.
Elephant said "I lost my baby, my cute little baby".
Rabbit – How you lost your baby?
Elephant – he was trapped, I don't think I could see him again. I heard you are very cleaver, please do something, save my kid !!!

Ok, ok, said the rabbit, "tell me first what exactly happened?"
Elephant start narrating the whole story in short.
"I was roaming around the forest with my kid, we were very near the border of our forest. There was a village near the border of the forest, my kid was very keen to know about new things, he was arguing to go to the village.

I told him, that it may dangerous, but he didn't hear me and proceed alone. I tried to stop him, but all in vain.
I saw, he was being trapped in a hole, made by the villagers. I just couldn't do anything." Elephant starts crying again.

Rabbit hear the story and said, "stop crying, I will help you. let me tell you what to do?"
Rabbit whispered something to the elephant's ear and said go to the village.
Elephant - "to the village??? are you mad? They will kill no no, tell me some other way to get back my child"
Rabbit – "No other way, if you don't want to go, its ok, then do not cry for your baby any more, because I could not help you "
It was clear to the elephant, there was no other option, but to follow the rabbit's words. So she start walking towards the village.

It was almost evening when she reached near the village. One small boy saw her and shout like anything "see the big elephant, may be she is here to kill us, kill her before she attacks......" and within a second all the villagers gather there with their weapons to kill the elephant, they didn't want to give any chance to the elephant.
Elephant was very scared but she behaved coolly, and said, "stop all of you, I am not here to kill you people, but, I am here with a very good deal for you, if you give a chance I will tell you what it is?"

Hearing that, all the villagers are start discussing what to do. After a few minutes, the very old man among all the villagers asked the elephant "What is the deal?"
Elephant said, yes I will tell you, but first let me know what you did with that baby elephant, you caught in the morning?"

The old man replied, "He is fine, but we will sell him to the zoo, and make some money"
Elephant said, "Oh that's it, but you could make money by this only one time, but I am having a good deal to make more money !!"
Villagers are very curious, "wow !!! how that is possible? "

Elephant said, "the baby elephant you want to sell, is my one and only child, if you give me back my kid, I promise you, that I will help you to earn some money everyday.
I will come to your village for few months and I will roam around neighbour two three villages with one of you. People could ride on me by paying some money to you, and thus I get back my baby and you earn your money.

Be friend with me, I love my child so much, I want him back, but I will pay you, your money, Isn't it a good idea?
Villagers were very happy, they gave the little elephant back to his mother.
Then she moved towards the jungle and met the rabbit, she was so thankful to the rabbit, that she could not control her tears, only because of the rabbit , she her kid back.
From next day onwards the elephant used to go to the village for few weeks, still they collect the money they required and she kept her words.

Villagers loved both them very much and also gave lots of green vegetables and food. Kids used to play with the baby elephant, became very good friend with him.
After few months, she return to the jungle with her baby.

Thus with help of the little rabbit, elephant save her child and save other elephants too, and elephant and her baby were lived a happily.

Moral: Wisdom wins over the strength.


Author: Kishan Kumar Thakur20 Sep 2013 Member Level: Silver   Points : 10

Dear Koushiko,
a small story by me.
A herd of elephants lived in a forest. They fed on the leaves of the wild trees and drank the cool water from the stream that flowed through the forest. One year, drought hit the area where the forest was located. Many animals fled the forest to other places which had no lack of water or food. The leader of the elephants was worried. He was called Iravat and he took good care of his herd. He sent his brothers to look for water. After a long search, they located a lake at the far end of the forest. They decided to quench their thirst and take their baths there very morning.
Now, everyday the herd would go to the lake to bathe and drink the sweet water of the lake. On the way, they would pass a colony of rabbits. They would not pay attention to rabbits on the ground. So, everyday some rabbits would be injured or crushed to death. As their number grew less, the leader of the rabbits called a meeting.
“Dear brothers and sisters," he addressed his fellow companions, “We are all aware of how we are being killed by the unthinking elephants everyday. We must think of a way to save ourselves."
Mikkoo was a young and intelligent rabbit. He said, “Sir, don't worry. go as your messenger and ask the elephants to change the path they take to the lake."
So with the leader's permission Mikkoo went as a messenger. He spotted the elephant herd approaching and stood on the top of a large, high rock to save himself.
When the Iravat, the elephant leader came near, he said, “Respected sir, I am Mikkoo, a messenger from the Moon himself. The almighty Moon has sent mc to you with a private message, so please step aside."
When Iravat came near, Mikkoo said, ‘The lake where you go to bathe and quench your thirst belongs to the Moon. He is very upset as you crush many rabbits on the way. As we are his close friends and guides, our sad plight has saddened and angered the Moon. He wishes to speak to you privately. If you would be kind enough I will escort you to the lake of the Moon for a meeting."
iravat readily agreed for the meeting. When Iravat and Mikkoo reached the lake, the Moon was reflected in its still water.
“let me offer my greetings to the moon," said Iravat and just as he dipped his trunk in the lake thewater stirred and so did the Moon's reflection.
“Oh! See how the mighty Moon shakes in anger," said Mikkoo.
But why is it so?" asked Iravat.
“You have angered him even more by touching the holy water of the lake at night," replied Shweta.
At this Iravat said in a mournful voice, “Please ask the Moon to forgive us. We shall never come again to this lake nor we will ever harm the rabbits, loved so much by the Moon."
Thus Iravat left with a promise never to visit the lake of the Moon and the rabbits lived safely and happily ever after.
A lie that saves many lives is worth a thousand truths.

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