Debate on Of What Good It Is To Have Pets At Home?

This speech debates on whether it is good to have pets at home or not? The debate tries to argue supporting the cause of having pets and reasons for why we should not have pets.

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The man and animal connection is abstract and exists in one form or the other.Among the different number of animals that are being domisticated by man include: dogs, cats, rats, birds, cows, sheep, goat, horse, camel, elephant, panda and so on. There are accounts of even lion, tiger and other wild animals also being tamed as pets by some in the history.

There are people who are ardent lovers of animals and engage themselves in acquiring them as pets. There are also people who think the very idea of having pets is cumbersome, boring and a waste.

Why We Need Pets

People who want to have pets do so for many reasons. Either they have pets just for fun or to keep away some pests or to guard our belongings against theft. Sometimes people also have pets as it is considered as a good omen that brings luck or wards off evils.

The earliest known account of pets dates back to paleolithic period when man tamed dogs. He found that dogs can be friendly and the at the same time loyal to its master. The fact that dogs are both friendly and loyal to its owner has been re-affirmed by innumerable incidents. There have been very many events when dogs have gone to the extremes of levels to save their masters. Sometimes they have leaped into blazing fire to save the life, sometimes have fought bravely with thiefs, have aided their ailing owners by carrying them to hospitals and have daringly fought with poisonous predators to save the life of their owners. When the owner met with an accident and lost both his legs, his dog helped him by ferrying his products to the market and back home!!!!

Other Animal as Pets

It is not only dogs but animals like rats, snakes, cats, horses also saturate the list of pets having befriended man and contributing their might in the man-animal association. We can get to know more of such stories from folklores, literatures and anecdotes. The role of horse 'Chetak' in the life of MahaRana Pratap Singh - the king of erstwhile Udaipur in Rajasthan is well known through the folklores.

Besides being a close aid, pets are also adored for the entertainment they share. Many of us will definitely agree how our heart lightens up when we see an aquarium with beautiful, colorful fish. For a moment we forget our tensions and our energy is reviatalised. The same kind of feeling is experienced when we see birds or other such animals.

Pets can be useful friends to children especially when the child is the only sibling to the parents.

Why No to Pets

While pets do have their own positive sides, they also present some unpleasant effects to man.

On one hand, when we plan to go for having pets we need to be prepared to take care of them well. At times this involves lot of efforts from our end. Right from giving them the right kind of food, shelter and social life, they are to be closely monitored for any kind of infection or health related issues. This means they have to be frequented to the vet-clinic regularly, take care of their hygiene like washing them, shampooing them and recooping them from illness. The problem becomes all the more challenging whenever there is any epidemic in the neighborhood.

In the long run when the pets become too old and sane, we should play a more responsible role in their care-take or need to identify the appropriate method to dispose them.

Some people are allergic to the odour from the pets. At times, they also become nuisance for people in the neighborhood as they keep barking at strangers causing irritation to people in an otherwise calm dwelling.


Thus, we can see that people have their own reasons to go for pets while there are also people with valid reasons for not favoring the idea of not having pets. However, the choice is at the discretion of the individual.


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