The Urinary System and its Function

This articles gives a brief about our Urinary System, its functions and other aspects related to the Genistro - urinary system. The article is a part of the series 'Our Body - Greatest Engineering Ever'.

When we consume food, our body does not use all of the food. The Urinary SystemIt accepts vital nutrients and the waste products are let out both in liquid as well as solid form. The part in the body which handles the production of liquid waste is called the Urinary system. The most important organs in this system are the Kidneys. All creatures having a backbone including man have two kidneys. Kidneys are similar to two large brown beans. Blood from the heart is pumped through the Kidneys where it is cleansed.

The Urinary System On the inner side, Kidneys have zillions of cells which filter the waste from the blood. The filtering units contain capillaries called Glomerulus, which is between a 'U' shaped structure called Bowman's capsule. The Bowman's capsule absorb the waste chemicals from the blood. After being filtered, the water is returned to the blood, and the harmful chemicals sent to the Ureter. The waste flow out from the ureter, which is narrow pipe around thirty centimeters long leading to the bladder. When the bladder gets full, we feel an urge to urinate. From the bladder urine flows into the Urethra and then is passed out of our body. Kidneys also control the acidity level in the blood. It lets excess acid pass out alongside urine.

The kidneys are an prominent organ of the human body. Their failure may imply that a waste chemical is building up in our body. In case of a kidney failure, doctors use an artificial Kidney for cleaning the blood. The device takes blood from the patient's artery, cleans it and sends it back into the body through a vein. Treatment of kidney diseases needs expertise and high expenses.

The Urinary System


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