Ugly Duckling Picture Story and Colouring Pages

Hi kids, Here comes your favourite story "Ugly duckling". In this article, I mentioned about the picture story of "Ugly Duckling" for kids and also we have the ugly duckling colouring pages. So, take your print and colour it and make your own ugly duckling story.

It was a beautiful summer. Mother duck was waiting for her eggs to hatch.
She got five white beautiful eggs, but she always wondered, about the sixth egg, which is bigger than other eggs and of grey colour.

After few days, eggs were hatched and five soft, beautiful yellow ducklings came out.
The bigger egg hatched after a long time, and a ugly grey coloured duckling was came from that.

Every body was making fun of him. They always used to say "Ugly.. ugly", nobody was ready to play with him. Ugly duckling felt very sad.

On a beautiful morning, mother duck took her ducklings down to the water.

After some time, mother duck visits a farm, and every body of that farm said, "see, how ugly he is" and even if his own brothers and sisters also rejected him, saying "you are too ugly"

Little ugly ducking could not understood, why all of them, called him ugly....ugly..,was he different? He saw his shadow, and said, "oh, no, I am really ugly"

So, one day he left the farm, moved far away.

But outer world was not good to him, everywhere he had to hear "gate out from here, you are ugly". He was very weak and tired. One kind man gave him shelter, but his naughty boy threw stones at him.

Time passes, and winter came, lake was covered with ice, it was so cold, that he was about to die. It was very tough time for him.

But,it was nice, when spring came. His wings were bigger, his body was larger. He could even fly.

One day he saw few beautiful white birds with big wings. He whispered, "I am ugly, they will not take me with them, they are beautiful swans"

But, suddenly he saw his shadow, wow!! it was a swan, he was so happy that he was not a "ugly duckling", but a baby swan.

He was having the longest and strongest wings, the most beautiful swan among all the swans of the lake.

Ugly duckling became a beautiful swan. He got many friends and lived happily ever after.


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Author: Kishan Kumar Thakur20 Sep 2013 Member Level: Silver   Points : 10

a small story by me.
A herd of elephants lived in a forest. They fed on the leaves of the wild trees and drank the cool water from the stream that flowed through the forest. One year, drought hit the area where the forest was located. Many animals fled the forest to other places which had no lack of water or food. The leader of the elephants was worried. He was called Iravat and he took good care of his herd. He sent his brothers to look for water. After a long search, they located a lake at the far end of the forest. They decided to quench their thirst and take their baths there very morning.
Now, everyday the herd would go to the lake to bathe and drink the sweet water of the lake. On the way, they would pass a colony of rabbits. They would not pay attention to rabbits on the ground. So, everyday some rabbits would be injured or crushed to death. As their number grew less, the leader of the rabbits called a meeting.
“Dear brothers and sisters," he addressed his fellow companions, “We are all aware of how we are being killed by the unthinking elephants everyday. We must think of a way to save ourselves."
Mikkoo was a young and intelligent rabbit. He said, “Sir, don't worry. go as your messenger and ask the elephants to change the path they take to the lake."
So with the leader's permission Mikkoo went as a messenger. He spotted the elephant herd approaching and stood on the top of a large, high rock to save himself.
When the Iravat, the elephant leader came near, he said, “Respected sir, I am Mikkoo, a messenger from the Moon himself. The almighty Moon has sent mc to you with a private message, so please step aside."
When Iravat came near, Mikkoo said, ‘The lake where you go to bathe and quench your thirst belongs to the Moon. He is very upset as you crush many rabbits on the way. As we are his close friends and guides, our sad plight has saddened and angered the Moon. He wishes to speak to you privately. If you would be kind enough I will escort you to the lake of the Moon for a meeting."
iravat readily agreed for the meeting. When Iravat and Mikkoo reached the lake, the Moon was reflected in its still water.
“let me offer my greetings to the moon," said Iravat and just as he dipped his trunk in the lake thewater stirred and so did the Moon's reflection.
“Oh! See how the mighty Moon shakes in anger," said Mikkoo.
But why is it so?" asked Iravat.
“You have angered him even more by touching the holy water of the lake at night," replied Shweta.
At this Iravat said in a mournful voice, “Please ask the Moon to forgive us. We shall never come again to this lake nor we will ever harm the rabbits, loved so much by the Moon."
Thus Iravat left with a promise never to visit the lake of the Moon and the rabbits lived safely and happily ever after.
A lie that saves many lives is worth a thousand truths.

Author: Adesola Adeyeye14 Oct 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

This is a great resource that could the grow of the kids mentally towards academic excelllence in their studies and even in the future.

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