Alphabetical Birds Fact and Colouring Pages for Kids

Hello kids, Want to colour some birds? Here we have alphabetical list of birds, bird fact for kids and also birds colouring pages. In this article, I have mentioned, a-z bird list with fun facts. Do you know the world's smallest bird is bee humming bird and largest bird is ostrich, there are 372 parrot species found world wide, and many more facts. So, lets learn about birds.

Amazing Birds fact for kids

1. Birds main features are feathers, laying egg, and wings.
2. A bird's feathers weight is more than its skeleton.
3. Bird's heart beat around 400 beats per minute during rest time, and approximately 1000 beats/minute while flying.
4. Hollow bones help birds to fly.
5. Birds are warm blooded.
6. World's largest living bird is male ostrich.
7. World's smallest living bird is Bee Hummingbird
8. World's only wingless bird is kiwi.
9. Egg of hummingbird is world's smallest egg
10. Egg of Ostrich is world's largest egg
11. Eagle have approximately 7000 feathers.
12. Bald eagle is national symbol of United state.
13. Eagle can fly with 3.5 kilogram of food.
14. Woodpeckers can peak up to 20 times per second.
15. There are around 372 different parrot species found worldwide.

Alphabetic list of birds and facts

Andaman woodpecker is black colored bird found in Andaman, India. Mostly found in moist lowland ever green forest. Male woodpecker has red fore-crown. Very less population, and so it is considered as Near Threatened (NT)

Bats are flying mammals. Bats always turn left when exiting their cave. They can live over 20 years. Bats are nocturnal.

Chickens are most common birds in the world. They can not fly for long distance. Baby chicken is known as chicks, and they are soft yellow in color. They eat seeds, insects etc.

Duck feet have no nerves or blood vessels, so they never feel cold even if they swim in icy cool water. Ducks live 2 to 12 years. Male duck is called drake, female duck is called duck, and baby duck is known as duckling.

EMU is the second largest bird after ostrich. Its height 4.9 to 6.2 feet, weight 30 to 55 kg, and lifespan is about 10 to 20 years. Emu have knife like nails. It is a flightless running bird.

Flamingo have bright colors like pink, orange, creamy-white etc. and varies depending upon their diet. They have very long legs and neck. Flamingos live 20 to 30 years.

Goose are from same family like swan and ducks. Their weight up to 12 kg and life span is about 25 years. They are inhabitant of river, pond and lakes. Thy are mate for life. They always fly in the "V" shape.

Hummingbird can fly up, down, forward and backward directions. Egg of hummingbird is world's smallest egg. World's smallest living bird is Bee Hummingbird, it is about 1 inch only.

Ibis have brilliant red, orange red, and white color. They have long pointed, sensitive beak. Ibis found in south America. Their diet includes fish, meat, fruits and small marine animals.

Javan pond heron are from heron family, with yellow bill and black tip, yellow eyes and white wings. They are 45 cm long and like to eat fish, insects etc. They are found near shallow fresh and salt water.

Kingfishera are small medium sized, colorful bird. Their color varies from black to green and red. They have large head and small tail. Their favorite food is fish

Large-billed Tern found near lakes, rivers,bays and coastline. They have large yellow colored pointed bill. They eat fish, insects etc.

Macaw are very beautiful and colorful birds from parrot family. Largest parrot species is Hyacinth Macaw. Its length is about 40 inches. Macaws are very intelligent birds.

Nile valley sunbird is found in Egypt, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Yemen etc. this bird is colorful, very tiny, 9 to 10 cm long with long tail.

Owls are nocturnal, and found more than 200 species. An owl can rotate it's head by 180 degrees on either side. Mostly they hunt for small mammals, insects, and birds. They have large eyes and flat face.

Penguins are flightless bird, and mostly live in southern Hemisphere. They can drink sea water. There are 17 species of penguins found. They have black and white feathers with orange bill and feet.

Quail is small to medium sized bird, found in Europe, Asia, Africa. There are about 32 species of Quails are found in the world. Quails do not fly very high.

Rooster Male chickens are known as rooster. They have comparatively big tail than chickens. Roosters are also called as cock.

Swan is large aquatic vegetarian bird. There are 7 different species found worldwide. Swans have very strong and large wings, with a long "s" shaped neck. Swans found in many different colors like, white, black, brown etc. Their weight up to 15 kg and length 60 inches.

Turkey is dark colored large bird generally inhabit dense forest, and near agricultural land. Its field of vision id 270 degree. Turkey could run over 20 miles per hour and fly up to speeds of 40 miles per hour. They eat most plant material,seeds, grains, roots, small insects etc.

Umbrella bird are found in south and central American rain forests. They are black in color. They have crest on their head, which looks like an umbrella, and hence they are called umbrella bird.

Vultures are largest flying bird in the world. They have amazing eyesight, they can spot their food from even 4 miles away. Vultures are world's highest flyers.

Wrens are very tiny and brown bird. Its shape almost rounded. Normally found in UK. They eat insects. Wren is small bird with very loud voice.

Xantus hummingbird is medium sized (8–9 cm), hummingbird found in Canada, Mexico etc. Adults are green colored with dark black / brown straight tail. The most prominent features is the white eye stripe found both in male and female.

Yellow wagtail have yellow face and greenish-yellow back. They are about 16 to 17 cm long. They found near open damp grassland, riverbank.

Zebra finch are found in Australia and they are loud singers. They mostly lived near grassland close to the water. Their favorite food is grass seeds. Zebra finches have black and white stripes on their body and live up to 5 to 12 years.


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