Importance of English and learn the ways to improve it

Hello and welcome. Let us the appreciate the importance of English and learn the ways to improve it. Most of the students have difficulty in speaking English as they hesitate a lot.This article will surely help many students if they follow the methods given below and follow a fixed routine to improve upon their English. So from today onwards let us travel together and improve our prospects for the future.

'Hello everyone. Myself Vinod. I am twenty one years old. I studied in........blah blah blah'. There goes the well-rehearsed speech of Vinod who does not really know what mistakes he made. But surely we know that it is not a good way to start an introduction.

The proper way is 'Hello. My name is Vinod. I am twenty one years old.'

Learning English is not difficult when it comes to kids, students or adults who have a good exposure to English speaking environment. But for people who have been instructed all their lives in their regional language with no or little contact with English are the unlucky bunch. In this article we are going to discuss the importance of English and how can we get ourselves in the league of English speaking class.

Importance of English

We all come across many instances daily in our lives where we come across English whether at home or outside. Be it a can of cold drink you buy or a signal on the road everything is written in English. When
a person comes to us and interacts in English we start feeling sorry for ourselves. So all you people who have already given their brains a huge strain by asking and again asking whether it is necessary to learn English can have a look at the following paragraph.

English is a international language, which can never be outdated. For most of us it is just another way to show-off. But even if it is that, do learn it.

English being an international language has a major role in our lives. Spoken worldwide, this language has a wide number of speakers. When we talk of it, we should take notice the communication aspect of English. Without language one couldn't express his or her own thoughts or feelings. It is just as we do in our mother tongue. So looking at the other side, we realize that it is necessary in order to communicate with people.

It helps you access the information As the world of knowledge is written in this wonderful language, it becomes accessible to all who know it. All the field's books and information is available in English. Even an admission can't take place if you lack the skill.

Lands you in a good job Yes, most importantly English is beneficial for those who crave for a good job. People with excellent communication skills are the preferred choice of the companies. So looking at the growing rate of unemployment you may consider learning it.

It adds to your status Although I may not like it so much but still it is one of the preferred things. All of us want to have certain status in society. English speaking people are considered more intelligent and well-mannered.

Tips to be a fluent English Speaker

Here are some tips which you can use to sharp your communication skills:

1. Read a newspaper: Try to read a newspaper on a regular basis. Don't push yourself back by saying that you don't get what you read. Start and take this initiative towards perfecting your life.

2. Grammar: Try to read some lessons on grammar. Don't push yourself on the first day as it can demotivate you. So start easy. You should listen to audios of English. Just obtain podcast from the internet and listen to them in your phone or mp3 player.

3. Watch: You can sometimes watch English channels and movies. It is a great way to relax and learn at the same time.

4. Think in English: You should always try to think in English. Also whatever you speak to yourself should also be spoken in English. It really helps in a great way.

Also there are so many ways in you can learn it. Just try whichever way you like and get going. This platform is going to help you in all ways possible. So keep reading and visiting StudyVillage for new posts and lessons.


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