Moral Story: Fox and the rabbit

Hello children, do you like to read stories and learn something good? Then read this story of the fox and the rabbit where you see how the fox met with failures due to its short tempered nature while the rabbit was very successful because of its polite way of speaking.

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Most of the stories that your read has some moral within it and it conveys some good message to the children. Stories are not just to read and forget it later but the essence or moral of these stories should be imbibed by the children so that it would be helpful to them in shaping them into better citizens of the future generations.

Here is one such moral story from which children can learn a lot and if they happen to take the essence of it or even if the parents help in inculcating these moral values into the children, then for sure the children would become good and responsible citizens in the future.

The story

Long long ago there were two close friends named Jaggu and Bunny. Jaggu was a fox living in a small forest adjacent to a village while Bunny was a rabbit living in the same forest. These two friends were so close to each other than daily they used to share a lot of things like toys, food items, stories and they were also spending time in the forest by playing with other forest animals.

Though Jaggu and Bunny were close friends, yet Jaggu was short tempered and was loosing its temper. In addition to this, Jaggu had a very loose tongue and was always involved in fights, arguments and quarrels with her friends. This is the reason why people in the village and Jaggu's friends as well did not like Jaggu much because it was always like a fighter cock. But on the other hand Jaggu's close friend Bunny was very soft spoken, giving respect to the elderly people and was always excusing others for their mistakes. And because of such a sweet nature of Bunny, it was very much liked by its friends and even by the people in the nearby village.

One day both the friends Jaggu and Bunny talked for a long time and at the end both of these friends expressed their wish of getting laddus prepared by their moms. These two friends liked laddus very much just like Chota Bheem who is very fond of laddus. Jaggu and Bunny ran to their houses and expressed their wish of eating laddus. Hearing this their moms said, "Oh dear, even I wish I could prepare these wonderful sweets for you. But I need to buy lot of things like gram flour, sugar, melted butter (ghee), cardamom powder, cashew nuts and other dry fruits for preparing laddus. And we don't have enough money right now to buy all these stuff."In this way moms of both the friends expressed their incapability of preparing laddus. Now these two friends again had a meeting on how to get laddus prepared by their moms and how to enjoy eating these delicious sweets. After a long discussion, both the friends arrived to a conclusion and went home happily.

As it was night time, they had a sound sleep. Jaggu and Bunny woke early in the morning as per their plan. They were determined to get laddus prepared the next day by their moms. So after finishing off their daily chores both the friends walked towards the village to get all the stuff required for preparing laddus. On reaching the village, Jaggu went straight to a shopkeeper and said arrogantly, "Hey, give me some gram flour, sugar, ghee and all the other things required to prepared laddus. I like laddus very much and want to make laddus with it. On hearing Jaggu's harsh words, the shopkeeper was annoyed, however he kept quite and gave Jaggu the bill in which the cost of all the items are mentioned.

On seeing the bill and the amount mentioned in it, Jaggu turned wild and started cursing the shopkeeper. Jaggu said, "You moturam what are you going to lose if you give me little gram flour, sugar and other things. You cheat!, why should I give you money for all these things when so much of these items are thrown away waste in the backyard of your shop. Can't you be kind enough to donate little bit of these things to the poor?" Saying so, Jaggu started using bad language and started shouting at the shopkeeper. All the time, Bunny was trying to calm down Jaggu by pulling him back. But Jaggu did not listen to his friend but continued with his shout at the shopkeeper.

As there is a limit for anyone's patience so also the shopkeeper lost his patience by all this big shout of Jaggu. So he went straight into his house, got a big wooden rod only to beat and hit hard Jaggu. Seeing the shopkeeper coming with a big wooden rod in his had both the friends had to run fast out of the place to save their skin. After running for a while, they rested for a while under the shade of tree and felt sad for the failure of their plan. However, Bunny did not lose its heart and said to his friend, "Jaggu, please listen to me, you hide yourself behind me and don't show your face. Let me go and try out for getting all the stuff for making laddus." As Jaggu had a great faith on his friend Bunny he simply said yes and acted as per the instructions.

This time Bunny walked slowly to the shopkeeper and said, "Namaste Ramuchacha. Saying so, Bunny bowed down and touched his feet. The shopkeeper was very much impressed with this gesture of Bunny and blessed him. The shopkeeper asked, "How are doing these days Bunny?" Replied Bunny, "I am doing good Chacha (Uncle). How about you? I heard Chachi (Aunt) was not well. How is she now?
The shopkeeper, "oh! how nice of you Bunny to remember this. Of course, she is recovering now.
Bunny, "How are your kids Monu and Champa?" How are their studies going on?"
Shopkeeper, "They are doing good Bunny. What's the purpose of your visit?
Bunny, "Actually Chacha, I like laddus very much and you know we don't have enough money either to laddus or to buy all the things for making laddus at home. So, I thought of asking help from you Chahca. Anyway, if you cannot give, I won't mind because I know you too have to look after your family's needs and you are taking all the pains and working hard to earn money to look after your family. I don't mind Chacha if you are not in a position to lend me."
On listening you such polite words of Bunny, the shopkeeper was so pleased that he was readily willing to give all the things needed to make laddus and thus he said, "Oh, Bunny, you are such a sweet little thing and when you wanted to eat laddus, I am sure to help you out. You need not lend all the things for making laddus from me but I can give you all these for free as a gift. You are a little one and I am sure you don't need much of these things. Moreover, there is so much stuff which is being eaten up by the rats and cockroaches in the night time. And many a times, I have to even throw away some of the stuff that gets spoiled. When there is some wastage in my shop, I really don't mind donating you these stuff to you who are so sweet and good."

Saying so, the shopkeeper turned out to his salesman and asked him to get all the things required for making laddus and give all those things to sweet little Bunny. Jaggu was listening to the whole conservation from behind the scene and felt very happy as they both can now have laddus to eat. At the same time, he even learnt the lesson that if he want to get help from others he should not demand help from them instead he should request them for a help and should be polite in his words. Jaggu and Bummy carried all the stuff required for preparing laddus to Jaggu's home. On seeing these things Jaggu's mother felt happy and she prepared delicious laddus and gave it to both the friends. From this incident on wards there was a lot of change in Jaggu's way of talking and his behavior as well. He started talking to everyone with respect and politeness. Now everyone slowly started liking Jaggu as well.


Children, what is the moral of this story? Yes, always we need to be polite in our words and never use words that hurt others. And also we should give respect to elders. By doing so, we would be successful in life and gain many things in our lives. Otherwise like Jaggu in the story, we too have to come across many failures. So children give respect to elders and talk politely with everyone.


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