Debate: Is Mobile Phone a Boon or Bane

Mobile phone is a boon or bane is one of the common debate topics in schools and colleges. Here is a debate that discusses the same in detail. If you are looking for some help on a debate or speech on the topic 'cellphone is a bane or boon', you can learn some tips from this.

Are you looking for a good topic for debates or speech in your school? Or, are you asked to prepare a speech on mobile phone is a boon or bane? Here is a debate my son used for the debate competition in his school.

This article covers both sides of the debate. On the first part, we are discussing why mobile phone is a bane.

Why mobile phone is a Bane?

The other day, my daddy was telling me his childhood stories. He shared his evergreen memories of having a great time with his relatives. In the olden days, people used to visit friends and relatives often. But look at about our generation. How often we get to see our relatives? We just make a phone call to talk to them instead of visiting. We call our grandparents through phones to check if they are doing okay. We wish them Merry Christmas and Happy New Year by sending a text message. We are living in a fast moving world where social life is centered around the mobile phones. Mobile phones are the No:1 culprit in damaging our social life and family life. People have started Texting instead of talking and visiting. What more, I have seen people talking through phone to the family members in the next room instead of just getting up from the chair and walking over there.
Leave aside the social life. Think about the health problems because of excessive use of mobile phones. It is a scientific fact that cell phones emit radio frequency energy, a form of radiation, which can be absorbed by tissues in your body. The nervous system of children is still developing and is more vulnerable to factors that may cause cancer. Considering the fact that over 7 billion people use cell phones worldwide, I can't even imagine how many of them are waiting for the deadly decease called "Cancer".

Agreed, cell phones keep you connected, but think about the privacy you are losing. No matter where you are, whether it is a vacation in a beach or you are having some family time in a hill station, your phone can ring anytime and bring you some bothering news that will spoil your fun time. I have seen my mother will make sure everyone in the family turn off the mobile phones when we go for fun trips.

Places of worship are supposed to be divine where you get connected with the almighty God where ultimate silence is extremely important. But every Sunday, when I go to church with my parents, I hear all kinds of fancy ring tones that interrupt the prayers. Can't people leave the phones behind even for an hour of prayer?

How about the irritating commercial and funny text messages you receive everyday? How many spammy commercial messages are sent to people without their permission? For many people, it is one of their routine tasks to delete so many messages from their phone everyday, wasting so much of time and energy.

Many people use cell phones to show off and not to make phone calls. There are a lot of expensive, fancy phones, which costs more than the price of a laptop. Why do people waste so much money on cell phones which are meant to be simple devices to make phone calls when needed?

A recent study in USA shows that a teen sends average 400 text messages per week. About half of them are sent during class hours. Aren't you shocked to hear this? I am glad our India is much better and cell phones are not allowed in most schools. I can't even imagine we carrying cell phones to the schools and texting in the classrooms!

Here is my pledge: If I have the power, I will ban the cell phones in schools, colleges, churches, temples, offices and while driving to focus on learning, to improve productivity, to have a silent atmosphere, to protect privacy and to save lives.

In the second part of this debate, we are discussing why mobile phone is considered as a boon.

Why cell phone is a Boon?

The other day, my daddy was telling me his childhood stories. Once he had to travel 14 hours to a relative's house just to ask him something. Another day, he traveled several hours to visit a family relative who was sick, but just to find out that the sick person has been transferred to a hospital in a completely different town which is another 8 hours travel. Isn't it ridiculous? How much time and energy was wasted travelling around just to ask something or tell something to another person. Cell phones is a real blessing which allow us to save a lot of time and help us spend those time for other productive purpose or just relax with family.

Some of my friends mentioned some health issues regarding the radiation from mobile phones. I agree that cell phones emit minute amount of radiation but it is too small to cause any health issues. Vehicles cause accidents, right? But do you stop using vehicles? If you see a car accident on the road, will you say "I will no longer ride a car"? Rather, we all take safety precautions while using cars and busses. So are the mobile phones. Use them appropriately and you will be safe. You can use Bluetooth and wireless earphones to completely avoid any radiation from mobile phones.

Someone here said mobile phones damage our social life and family life. I completely disagree. How many times you can visit a relative who live in another town? May be 2 or 3 times a year. That is what our previous generation used to do. Between these visits, they would never know what is going on there. Imagine how lucky are we! All of our friends and relatives are just a phone call away. My mummy makes sure we speak to our close family relatives every week and other relatives and friends once in few weeks. Also, if we hear any of our relatives are sick, my mother would immediately call them over the phone and check their health and also offer any help. Sometimes we could simply suggest some better doctors and hospitals. Cell phones made all these happen.

Mobile phone is a breakthrough invention that helps us to be better connected and make relations stronger. Whether you are in a beach, hill station, family tour or even international tour – you are still connected to your family and friends through mobile phones. If your family member is away from home for studies or job – you won't feel he is too far because cell phones bring him closer no matter how far he is.

Cell phones are no longer just a device to make phone calls. Instead, they are mini computers which help you increase your productivity on the GO. My dad doesn't have to stay home all day to complete his pending work. He can spend time with us in the parks and even join us for shopping and still use his smartphone to complete his pending work while travelling. My little brother has been asking for a game console for a long time but he himself discovered recently that an old cell phone lying at home could double as a gaming device!

We used to carry a big GPS in our car, which was stolen by someone recently. Then we switched to a GPS app in the phone, which is a lot more convenient, always updated through mobile network and also a lot safer since we never leave it behind in the car. Did you notice the judges used a cell phone as a stop watch during our sports event? Have you seen people showing electronic boarding passes in the airport instead of carrying a bunch of papers? Do you know about mobile phone apps that help you do bank transactions?

My mummy gifted me her old cell phone to use as an alarm device to wake up and study early morning and also to set my reminders about class tests, use as a calculator, track progress of my own tasks, and also to track my progress in the exams. Even though she removed the SIM card from the phone, which makes it not usable as a phone, I am still finding a lot of use for her old mobile phone. I even used it as an inexpensive camera when I went on a field trip recently. Imagine how much we can do with a mobile phone – it is a computer, it is a camera, it is an alarm, it is a task manager, it is an inexpensive gaming device and what not? I strongly believe cell phones are a boon that makes your life a lot more comfortable and convenient.

Feel free to use this article for your school or college, provided you are allowed to use the essay written by others. Some schools require you prepare the essay yourself and in such cases, I suggest you to read this and then develop your own by taking the key ideas from here. There is no permission required to use this for a debate or speech in your school. However, you are not allowed to distribute for any commercial purpose.


Guest Author: Joseph07 Jun 2013

I was looking for an essay on the topic Is mobile phones a boon or bane and I landed in to this page. Thank you for sharing an excellent essay. Can I use this essay for my classwork?

Author: Tony John23 Jun 2013 Member Level: Silver   Points : 2


Yes, you are welcome to use this for your classwork. However, please note that copying an essay from another source may not be allowed by your teacher. So, it is a good idea to take this as a base version and then come up with your own points and enhance it.

Author: Adesola Adeyeye10 Oct 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

This is a good resource that will be useful for many years. Cellphone is a boost for the people as it makes communications easy and flexible. The modern communication is a very wide and large network that one can not but admit to be useful to the existence of man now and forever.

Guest Author: Sridharmurthy27 Nov 2013

Tomorrow, I am participating in a debate on this same subject and the points are very useful. Thanks a lot.

Sridhar Murthy

Guest Author: Fathima Noorjahan07 Sep 2014

I need a speech for the topic "Mobile revolution is necessary or not". Can you please share an essay on that subject so that I can use it for my academic programs?

Guest Author: Manish Tiwari25 Oct 2014

Thanks a lot for sharing the essay on "Is mobile phone a boon or bane".

Guest Author: Shreya04 Nov 2014

It is a very useful essay. Thanks for sharing this.

Guest Author: Deepika11 Sep 2015

This Saturday I should be ready to face debate in my school on this topic , I just gone through it once,It is very nice THANK YOU for sharing.

Author: K Mohan01 May 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

According to me as far as the children are concerned the mobiles are bane to them as it hinders the very progress in many ways. Children are attracted to the mobiles because they can fiddle with various features and want to play the games stored in it. But the mobile phone ultra rays are bad for the eyes and soon the children will get the eye sight problems. And those who are addicted to the mobiles, the children never listen to the parents commands and wants to have the phones on hand. The diversion tactic also does not work as invariably more people are having the cell phones on hand and the child would recollect his phone immediately through adamant attitude. As far as possible the parents should not use the cell phones in front of the child otherwise they have to part with the phones over the years to come.

Author: K Mohan03 Aug 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

This response being posted after the corona lock down has been eased across the country and the schools remain shut and the academic year is being continued through online education and thus mobile phones has become suddenly important and boon to the children as many schools are conducting online classes and the children need to attend those classes taking notes, understanding the subjects and submitting the notes. All these are now happening through the mobile phones and the children cannot escape the excuse as every parent has the mobile phone and they need to log in for their children classes.

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