Oggy and the Cockroaches Coloring Pages

Here are some cool Oggy and the cockroaches coloring pages from the animated series Oggy and the cockroaches. I've explained about the characters on the article. Use the right color for the right character so that you can get an amazing picture. Feel free to download and enjoy coloring.

Oggy and the cockroaches

Oggy and the cockroaches is a fun animated series which is nowadays playing in cartoon network. Kids love this cartoon because its funny. They are playing its dubbed Hindi version also. Its a fictional story about Oggy the cat and three cockroaches named Joey, Marky and Dee Dee. Oggy has a cousin named Jack who sometime visits his house and helps Oggy against cockroach's plots. Jack has a twin sister named Monica who jack is very fond of. olivia is a white cat, she is a neighbor and a new love interest to Oggy.

Oggy: Oggy is a fat blue cat with red nose. He is lazy and spends most of the time inside his house watching TV. He has a car and a scooter. in his house there are three cockroaches who makes fun of Oggy and play pranks on him. Oggy's life is interesting only because of these three cockroaches.

Joey: Joey is the leader of the three cockroaches, only self proclaimed. He is cockroach with a pink body and purple head with pink right eye and yellow left one. He makes the master plans for pulling pranks on Oggy.

Marky: Marky is one of the three cockroaches and is the tallest of the three. He has a gray body and a green head with two yellow eyes. He loves to hang out with the other two roaches.

Dee Dee: Dee Dee is one of the three roaches. He's the hungry one and often end up in eating large animals especially poisonous. He has a purple body and a orange head with green eyes.

Jack: Jack is Oggy's cousin. He is completely different from Oggy. He's always angry and arrogant. The cockroaches always annoys him. He makes huge machinery and bombs to trap the cockroaches which often backfires on him. He is in love with Oggy's twin sister Monica.

I've included the above characters in my drawing. I hope you guys will like my drawing. Feel free to download and enjoy coloring.


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