International Polar Bear Day

International Polar Bears Day falls on 27 February. Observed as Holiday in America, it's the day to remind every person living in the world about wise use of energy. Else, carbon emission will snatch these beautiful friends from us someday for forever. It's your duty to do at least one activity on International Polar Bears Day to help these endangered animals.

The International Polar Bear Day is observed on 27 February every year to raise awareness about conservation of Polar Bears. The day is organized by Polar Bears International. The organization spread education about lives of Polar Bears, why they are endangered species on earth and advocates for installation of energy efficient insulation in houses. The day is observed as a holiday for more peoples' participation. On the occasion many zoos educate people trough lectures, videos and films about Polar Bears, and ways to protect them.

The Scientific Name to Polar Bear is Ursus maritimus. These creatures found best habitat in the Arctic Sea Regions. An average, an adult Polar Bear weigh about 800-1300 and 6 – 9 feet in length. They play significant role in the balance of marine health environment.

There are mainly three types of danger to Polar Bear species:

1. Global Warming and the reduced level of sea ice.
2. Industrial activities, both on the sea and off the sea
3. Hunting

We know global warming, reduced level of sea ice and a global climate changes are all causes of Green House Gases. Polar Bears love Arctic Ice. When these friends do not find habitat in the area of choice, they stay offshore for more than usual. This results in bad health of these species. Sadly, impact is so high that many polar bears lost lives. Also, while staying offshore, they are more prone to meet human hunters, another reason of decrease in population.

The population of Polar Bears normally concentrates around regions of Canada, U.S. (Alaska), Russia, Greenland, and Norway (Svalbard). They hunt seals for living; these are semi-aquatic marine mammals. The human activities that go on day to basis on the Arctic Seas and near by areas, for example loud noise coming from a Petroleum Extracting machinery or spread of oil accidentally in the seas forces Polar Bears to find a suitable Habitat.

According to Worldwildlife.Org, there are only 20000 to 25000 Polar Bears remains left in the world. These decreasing numbers are highly alarming. If we won't take care, someday, these creatures will leave us alone for forever.

You can take various measures towards protection of Polar Bears irrespective of in which part of the world you live. For example you can:

1. Adjust your thermostat to few degrees depending on the area you live. Lesser carbon emissions mean less damage to Ozone Layer. This will help in decrease of environmental temperature.
2. Use energy wisely for any purpose throughout the day for example use public transport instead of your personal car. Also, take small care while using microwave in the kitchen, doing laundry or anything similar. The small steps that you will take will save you on energy cost and protect environment.
3. Learn and spread awareness about onshore and offshore activities posing threat to lives of Polar Bears.
4. Spread Knowledge about Polar Bears and their significance to marine life.
5. Ask you friends and families near you to use energy wisely towards protection of Polar Bears.
6. You can few bucks to organizations like Polar Bears International engaged in the protection of these species.
7. Go out on Polar Bear Day and speak to the community; encourage others to do the same.

In May 2008, US declared Polar Bears, an endangered species. Since then many efforts are made world over to protect them. Next is your turn.


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