Drawing Worksheets on Leaders of India

History provides us with many interesting knowledge from the events and incidents that has happened once in the earlier times. Well, in this set of coloring pages, you'll get some knowledge about the earlier real life heroes, with miraculous intelligence ! They were born to do something, as we say usually, but is that a true concept? Lets learn to draw some faces. See below for details and download attachments to practice.

Hi kids! Well, did you miss any of the episodes of 'Harry Potter', who is really very close to the hearts of almost every age, with his unimaginable powers that he has got from the God? And what about 'Krish', 'Ra-one' etc. the Indian Super Heroes? We can't even forget the heroes like 'Super Man', 'Spider man' etc. The one thing, common to every hero is that all of them can fly in the sky.

Yes, I know many of the students do not really find any interest in the subject, 'History'. But the real reason behind the fact is that we look at it as a boring subject, which is not really true at all. We think we don't have any interest in the past of their lives, or any events. Though, at the same time we really feel crazy about knowing the life history of any of the imaginary super heroes, right.. !

But in real, has any of the super heroes come on the Earth, in need beside you? What if your younger brother or sister or any of the street kid think you to be his or her real hero, as you helped him or her somehow, someday, which was very little effort according to you? Think twice. Sounds, Great ! Right? Who doesn't want to be a super hero? But is becoming a real life super hero so easy?

But there, on this Earth, some people came to solve the unresolved issues. They had no miraculous powers to fight against the evils that occurred in some of the human mind. But all of them were one man army in short, with their beautiful thoughts in mind as rifle to touch the bottom of hearts! And they Won! Yes ! They gave us freedom in everything, like freedom to act, to think, to speak, to walk, to learn, to discover, to love our country, etc. And also, they taught us lessons, to be united, to do good things for the country, to discover and above all, to live like siblings, to respect woman everywhere, which is really very important these days.

The Rabindranath Tagore said "Ek brin-te do-e-ti kusum, Hindu-Musalman...". If humanism is one plant then it should consists of all the religions as different flowers of that plant only! Very nice! What will our world be then, amazing! Our country is like our Mother, we should love Her very much, so we should also protect Her and do the best we can do for Her.

Download these worksheets that are attached herewith this resource, as many as you want. In the downloaded worksheets you can draw the face and figures of the Indian heroes of real life! You can use them on Rabindra Jayanti, Subhas's B'day, Ambedkar's Jayanti etc. also.

Till then do practice and enjoy the most learning drawing the face and figure structures. Have a nice day.


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