Complete Study Abroad Guide for Indian Students

This is an essential article for all the study abroad aspirants from India. Get all the proper information about study abroad for Indian students.

Study Abroad Guide for Indian Students
Pursuing higher studies in abroad has been gaining audience in the recent past. The number of students applying for foreign studies is increasing day by day and so is the number of agencies and other sources providing information and other help for the same. Generally, the students face the problem of the lack of availability of the proper information and more than that, they face the indecision while deciding whether the source is genuine or not. Though it's highly notable that many institutions in India are reasonably providing adequate knowledge about higher studies to their students. Some of the reputed CBSE schools in Dehradun, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata have their Study Abroad division working hard to make their kids be aware of their future.

Addressing all these issues and many more is the following post which will be a comprehensive guide for all the Study Abroad aspirants.

Study Abroad – The Preliminaries

In India, the moment one starts of thinking about studying abroad, the very first thing they do is picking up the calculator and start converting the course fees and other expenses from Dollars and Euros to INR. The students face a lot of debilitations while setting up their mind for studying abroad. Some of them are:

  • The mammoth amount of fees and expenses

  • The fear of homesickness

  • Fear or nervousness regarding the new environment and

  • The anxiety after hearing about someone's bitter experiences

  • The survival in totally different work and study ethic

How to SET UP your mind?

    Tip #1
  • Don't stress out too much. Don't discuss with every second person you meet in your neighbourhood. Sometimes, people say discouraging things only to dissuade you from pursuing the studies. Stay positive and discuss the things with the persons actually LIVING there and STUDYING there. Another helpful option in the discussion forums.

  • Tip #2
  • Make a proper analysis of the type, validity and recognition of the course you wish to pursue and research all the Universities providing it.

  • Tip #3
  • Go for the rankings which are universally recognized such as QS rankings while short listing the course.

  • Tip #4
  • Don't get depressed by the amount of the fee and expenses. Focus on the quality of the education and the repute of the University as it will be the ONLY thing that will matter in the end.

  • Tip #5
  • Follow the agencies and sources which have established their repute in the Study Abroad sector. They will help you with submission of the application, recommendation letter, visa applications, course short listing, accommodation and all such related issues. Don't invest your time and resources in the newcomers or unknown sources. Choosing a reliable and reputed study abroad consultant is one of the most important factors. They may dupe you.

Study Abroad – Challenges that come your Way

challenges for study abroad for indian students
The notion of getting educated in some of the finest colleges and universities in the world is definitely lucrative but it has some challenges associated with it.

How to 'BLEND IN'

The worst fear is of BLENDING IN. Most of the students face rejection by the crowd, the fellow students and the faculty even if they are not able to interact. The environment in the western world is way different from the one in India. It will take some time and patience to actually get adapted to it.

Money Matters

The expenses for the study abroad education are not going to be small. You will be required to take a loan which will amount to a huge sum by the time your education is over. Further, it is not only about the fees. You have the living expenses, recreation, medical expenses, stationary, communication expenses, travel, memberships, and what not.
Don't think that you will thrive on bread and butter for the coming 2-3 years. Be reasonable and take a loan of reasonable sum.
There are a lot of international and national scholarships, scholarships issued by the colleges, trusts, universities, and other associations which are there for the student welfare and promotion which will come handy. Hence, it is very important that you refer someone that is well aware of all such things.

Work and Study Ethic

The studies in India are different from overseas classroom programs. The assignments, surprise tests, class performance and research etc are taken very seriously and the habit of goofing around till the last night of the exam will not take you anywhere.


The parties and recreation activities are also different. Indulging in limitless drinking and drugs is quite common there and you need to brace yourself from such things.


Prepare your mind that from the day you take the flight, you will be seeing your family again only after the course completion. This will make you feel less homesick and will be light on your bank balance of course. Having a supportive circle of friends, a positive mindset and a hopeful heart will make you feel less homesick in the foreign land.

  • Read some authentic study abroad guide. You can find a lot of education guides online or in your local libraries authored by the experts in the overseas education field.

  • Start researching for the courses and universities and get registered with a reputed agency dealing with the overseas admissions.

  • Compare their suggestions with your independent research and get the results verified by some person who has foreign exposure of the same country.

  • Be informed about the latest rankings, the visa procedure, the application fees and all the other documentation required for the overseas programs. Always remember, you have to be well informed on your own if you don't want to be duped.

  • Apply for the programs with the recommendation and cover letters or any other such thing required. Wait for the approval or the admission offer letter and apply for the visa etc as per the timings mentioned in the offer letter.

  • Get your banking work done and make sure that you take some cash on you as it will be required at various places.

  • Take some mock visa interviews and finally, PACK YOUR STUFF.

  • NOTE:
  • Some courses come with the time duration of your stay. Confirm it and complete your work within the said duration.

  • Try to get information regarding the accommodation from any acquaintance already staying there or stayed there. As a long hotel stay will leave a large hole in your pocket.

What courses should be preferred?

study abroad for indian students
Choosing the course can be a bit challenging. The choice should be done by taking the following in account:

  • Expertise and Interest
    Choosing a course which is not as per your aptitude level will be a bad choice with worse effects. Choose a course you are good at and love studying.

  • Area of work
    Study the applicability and the career opportunities after the course completion. You won't want to graduate in a course which is losing opportunities in modern times.

  • Country of Stay
    If you are permanently relocating to the foreign soil, then the course option should be made keeping in mind the work opportunities of that country only. For example, the ad agencies, publicity firms and law firms thrive very well in the western world, but in India, their growth is subjective. Check out some of the best countries for overseas education and their relative merits.

  • Recognition of the Course
    No one would want to pursue a course which is not recognized in major parts of the world. This will only be a waste of time and resources.

Hence, the choice of study program should be done after fair research and analysis.Students can also approach any professional and reputed study abroad consultants to resolve their doubts on foreign education.

Minimum Qualification Required to Study Abroad

  • The PG level courses will require a minimum level of UG Qualification and the UG level education will require scholastic level qualification. Ph. D. and Post Doc. Level courses will require PG and Ph. D. level qualification resp.

  • There are some PG degrees and courses which are not recognized in some universities and colleges of UK and USA. Hence, you should research the eligibility criteria for the course admission well before application.

  • Study Abroad – The UNFIT ones

  • Though the word may sound a bit depressing, but yes, there are some students that are unfit for the study abroad programs. This stratum will include the students who can't formulate the idea of staying away from parents, their hometown etc.

  • The students with the shy nature or rigid outlook will find themselves having a hard time while living abroad.

  • The students that get carried away easily or get influence easily will return empty handed from the overseas study program. Hence, they should avoid it.

  • If you are unable to meet the expenses and the loan requirements, then you should probably leave the idea of studying abroad and focus on finding a good admission in India only. Inability to repay the loan or even principal amount will make the matters only worse.

The final Word

We hope that the post has been informative enough and covered all the aspects of the study abroad planning. Every student should understand that he or she will be the whole sole guide of himself or herself in the new land and being well informed will always come handy.
Good luck with your plans.


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