How to Write a Good Essay?

Writing of essays is a laborious task to do. So, use our writing tips to cope with it easily and become a good writer! Our recommendations will help you.

Many people cannot even imagine what writing is. However, each student must create different academic assignments in a written form every day. There are many types of such assignments, ranging from simple and short essays up to big research and term papers. Therefore, it is quite natural that each student (regardless his/her exact specialty) should have good writing skills and be able to express his/her thoughts in writing. Unfortunately, most students were taught only spelling and grammar during their formative school years. However, it is not enough to compose a good text; it is also extremely important to learn how to create such texts easily and quickly. For this reason, we are presenting a selection of best writing tips to help you compose different essays.

Most Effective Tips on How to Write a Good Essay

If your writing skills leave much to be desired, use these tips before starting to work on some new essay:

  1. Don't waste your time

  2. Time management is the alpha and omega of good study in general and good writing in particular. Hence, if you want to cope with any academic assignment successfully, it is important to start working on the task immediately after it was assigned to you. The trick is that simple and short tasks seem easy to do, but it is impossible to cope with them if many additional tasks are waiting for you as well. The secret is simple - don't procrastinate!

  3. Re-read the assignment once again.

  4. Another important criterion for successful task completion is whether you understand the assignment correctly or not. Sometimes it is possible to do everything wrong if you don't interpret the task clearly. Therefore, don't be shy to consult with your professor once again if you have any questions about the task.

  5. Explore the topic of your future essay.

  6. It is almost impossible to compose an acceptable text about an unknown subject. Therefore, try to find time to explore the topic of your assignment and learn something new about it. In this case, your text will be substantial enough to be accepted by your professor.

  7. Don't forget about the plan.

  8. One of the basic things to do in the process of text creation is to make the outline. It is very difficult to work without a plan because the very structure of the text will be unclear. Remember that each essay should have a strict structure: an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. A detailed and well-structured outline will help you not to forget about it.

  9. Create a thesis statement.

  10. A thesis statement is an integral part of each essay, though some students don't have any idea what is it. Overall, a thesis statement is your point of view concerning the topic reflected in one short sentence, which is usually placed at the end of your introduction. The following body paragraphs will be used to prove your position.

  11. Find good arguments for body paragraphs.

  12. Everybody knows that a good essay should look substantial; therefore, it is necessary for you to find strong arguments to prove your point of view. Arguments are very important, especially if you write an argumentative or a persuasive essay; so, you need only strong ones. However, if you have two strong arguments and one weak point, it is all right. You should just order them from the strongest to the weakest one. In this case, the entire structure will still have the power of persuasion.

  13. Write a conclusion.

  14. Don't forget that your essay should have a conclusion as well. A text without its final part will look unfinished. To compose a good conclusion, you should just summarize all above-mentioned arguments and restate your thesis statement, that will be enough.

  15. Find the time to revise your work.

  16. Most students neglect revision, although this part is an obligatory, important step of essay completion. While revising your text, you may find different mistakes or typos spoiling the first impression. To avoid them, always try to find time for revisions in any situation. In addition, you may revise the work of your friend while he/she would revise yours – this will give you a fresh look at the text. Such an approach is considered the most effective.

Hopefully, by using these simple tips, you will be able to cope with any kind of essays.

Tips How to Improve Your Writing Skills in General

It is important to mention that most students have different problems with their text creation skills. Hence, it seems necessary to mention some ways to improve these skills in general.

  • Reading.
  • Reading is considered the basis of writing. Therefore, if you want to become a good author one day, you should like reading. Try to read more classic literature, at least for 20 minutes per day, and do it every day. Classic literary works are a good way to polish your own writing style because of our visual memory. Moreover, such an approach will help you to avoid major grammar and spelling mistakes spoiling your texts.

  • Practice.
  • It is impossible to learn something without good practice. Although students have many written assignments to do, it is necessary to find time for everyday writing. In this case, you may use the unusual approach tested by most famous authors – free-writing. Just write everything coming to your head for 20 minutes per day – it is enough to reinforce this skill.

  • Creativity.
  • Although the majority of academic assignments cannot be called creative ones, a good author should have enough creativity to find fresh ideas quickly. Hence, the above-mentioned method of free-writing will be good for this purpose as well.

Certainly, everyday writing seems a very boring task to do. However, it is necessary to have a skill to express your thoughts and feelings clearly. Therefore, we hope that these tips for good essay creation will help you in a difficult situation, and general tips will improve your writing skills somehow.


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