How To Write A Good Essay

How to write a good essay is a question that many students come up with. They may find it to be a little overwhelming, but there is no escape for them from writing essays.

How to write a good essay is a question that many students come up with. They may find it to be a little overwhelming, but there is no escape for them from writing essays. This is because they need to write essays for bagging scholarships, securing admission to a class or course, and, sometimes, even as part of contests. There is no need to lose hope. All you need to do is consider essay writing as a project and then break it down into smaller and manageable tasks. Read on to understand as to how to write a good essay.

Here are the steps to follow when writing an essay:

  1. Identify the topic

  2. This is the first task you have to handle as part of your quest on how to write a good essay. Sometimes a topic may be assigned to you. Sometimes you may have the freedom to choose the topic on your own. If the topic is given to you, then you must decide as to what kind of an essay you want to write. You could write a general overview or an analysis of the subject matter.

    You will have to do a little bit of more work if a topic is not assigned too you. You can choose an interesting or relevant topic. However, you will have to decide whether your essay will just provide some information or discuss a topic in depth. The next step is to do some research on the topic. This enables you to evaluate your options. If you are planning to provide information on a subject matter, then choose a topic that you are familiar with. In case you want your essay to be an in-depth discussion of a topic, then choose a subject matter that is close to your heart.

  3. Prepare an outline for the essay

  4. This step helps you to organize your thoughts. The outline serves as the foundation for your essay. It is a good idea to jot down ideas that come to your mind and then organize them.

    To create the outline, write down the topic at the top on a fresh sheet of paper. The list the main ideas you want to include in the essay. Leaving space below each of the ideas you write down. This is to help you write down smaller ideas that are related to each of the main ideas.

  5. Introduction to the topic

  6. After choosing your topic and creating an outline, you can start working on the introduction. In this paragraph, you can tell the readers as to what all you will be discussing in the subsequent paragraphs. You can also convey to the readers as to what they can expect to learn by reading your essay. All said and done, the introduction should be written in such a way that it attracts the attention of the reader. This is an important aspect as far as the question "how to write a good essay?" is concerned.

  7. Body of the essay

  8. In the body of the essay, you must desc0ribe the topic in detail, provide your arguments, and explain your viewpoints. Each of the main ideas you have written down in the outline has to be dealt with in separate sections within the body.

    It is a good idea to use the same structure for each paragraph. Begin a paragraph by writing down one of the main ideas you have noted down. Then provide information in support of the main idea. You can come back later on and add some of the smaller ideas you have left out or delete some of them if you feel they are irrelevant.

  9. Conclusion or final thoughts

  10. In the concluding paragraph, close the topic and provide a summary of the ideas you have discussed in the body of the essay. Also, provide a perspective on the topic one more time. In fact, this paragraph should have about five strong sentences so that the main points discussed in the essay can be summarized and reinforced.

    The final step is reviewing your essay. After writing down your conclusion or final thoughts, you must review your essay paying attention to even the small details. Some of the aspects to be taken into consideration in this respect are as follows:

    Within the body of the essay, the strongest arguments should be placed at the beginning and at the end. Other points can come in the middle.
    Ensure that the order in which you have arranged the paragraph makes sense.
    Review the instructions to make sure that your essay is in compliance with the specified format.
    Reread your essay to see if sentence flow is proper, there are no spelling or grammar errors, and whether phrases are to be added to connect ideas and thoughts.

By now you would have realized that the best way to tackle the overwhelming task of "how to write a good essay" is to split it into smaller bite-sized tasks.

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